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Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (1)

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Twenty-five years ago, in the fall of 1997, the pilot episode ofpark onaired on Comedy Central. Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone,park onfollows four boys ⏤ Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick ⏤ and their strange experiences in the mountain town for which they are named. Since its initial releasepark onhe has gained a cult following for his gritty humor and aggressive staging of cultural, political, and social issues. more often than notpark onit sparked controversy for its insensitive and grossly obvious themes and narrowly escaped the guillotine on more than one occasion.

But despite all his faults and complaints,park onit has entertained adult audiences for generations. Even now, after 24 seasons and one more on the way,park onhas shown no signs of slowing down. Many uniquely likeable characters have come and gone over the years, but few of them have left a lasting impression, making us laugh, cry, and terrify. Here are the top 20park oncharacters of all time

20. Mr. Garrison

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (2)

Herbert Garrison, known as Janet after undergoing sex reassignment surgery that was eventually reversed, teaches fourth grade at South Park Elementary School and frequently talks to his ventriloquist dummy, Mr. Hat. Mr. He suffers from multiple identity disorder, which is represented by different puppets. Additionally, Mr. Garrison insults anyone who embraces his sexuality, despite repeatedly engaging in homosexual relationships. Mr. Garrison is an oddball, but his giddy nature and fleeting mood swings make him a comedian in his own right, even if he's a bit of a train wreck.

19. Ike Broflovski

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (3)

Ike, Kyle's Canadian adoptive brother, makes an occasional appearance.park onWorld. While not explicitly a main character, Ike particularly shines when interacting with Kyle, particularly for the recurring gag in which Kyle pummels Ike like a football after he says, "Kick the baby!", along with to which Ike replies, "Don't kick." the baby!" Even funnier, Ike copies Kyle's profanity, which is often caught on by Shiela.

Due to Ike's age, he often mispronounces words, but can clearly say "penis" and "vagina", making his vocabulary heavily influenced by what he hears from others. Most of the time, Ike shows up at the most inopportune times, interrupting any plans Kyle may have, or just being a nuisance like many kids do for the fun of it.

18. Sheila Broflovski

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (4)

Sheila Broflovski is the stereotypical muddy, overprotective mom who would be the first to resort to verbal abuse in Facebook comments during an argument. She usually spoils the wrong fun for others, particularly Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman, who despise her the most. Without Sheila thatpark onFans would never have known the unforgettable song "Kyle's Mom's a Bitch" sung by Eric Cartman. in theSouth Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, Sheila is essentially the antagonist ridiculing Canada for its absurd humor and advocating for the execution of war criminals Terrance and Phillip.

17. Liane Cartman

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (5)

Liane Cartman is the victim of constant ridicule from her son Eric. From all of thispark onParents, Liane is clearly the standout in the series and makes several appearances. It turns out that she Liane is just as racist and anti-Semitic as Eric, which is why she must have inherited such nasty humor and offensive opinions. As we know, the funniest jokes are the derogatory ones, no matter how much we play innocent and try to deny it.

Whenever Eric and Liane interact, Cartman will almost certainly curse her out or humiliate her in some way, to which she will respond by acting coy and nonchalant as she continues to dote on Eric. Based on Trey Parker's cheating ex-fiancée, Liane is a more bitter "tribute" than most, often cited for her promiscuous nature.

16. Timmy Burch

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (6)

"Timmy!" is an unforgettable slogan inpark on, instantly recognizable and strangely charming. Timmy Burch is a disabled student with slurred speech and a limited vocabulary. Likepark onCouldn't be more offensive, Timmy plays a Charles Xavier impersonator (X Men) in role playSouth Park: The Broken But Whole.

Ampark on, there are the loud, overbearing main characters and the quieter, more hidden characters who have their comedic moments, Timmy being the latter. For example, Timmy notices Kenny's unfortunate death and therefore gives Jimmy a parka like Kenny's in the hopes that it will kill him. It's a subtle but very funny joke, and Timmy is full of it.

15. Big Gay Al

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (7)

If Tolkien Black is the "symbolic" black character, then Big Gay Al is the symbolic gay character. Al is the embodiment of all homosexual stereotypes. His flamboyant, bubbly nature sometimes feels out of place, making him even more hysterical. Surprisingly, there are moments when Big Gay Al stands up for both gay rights and harmful stereotypes.

There are times when Al is mistreated for being a gay man, but he takes it upon himself to educate others and remind them that they have the right to express themselves. Despite his reputationpark onit has its instructive and healing moments that can be attributed to Al ⏤ among others.

14. Towels

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (8)

park onhe really tested the limits of imagination with a talking towel, smoking weed to get notoriously high. Towelie is a real troublemaker, and like many other oddball characters, he usually appears out of nowhere to offer advice to the townspeople of South Park or gets high.

Although Stone and Parker wanted Wipe to be a scary character, he gained immense popularity. Wipe may portray addicts in a bad light, but the concept of an anthropomorphic towel smoking weed feels so far-fetched and idiotic that it somehow still fits into the weird and wonderful other world ofpark on.

13. Mr. Hankey the Christmas poop

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (9)

Mr. Hankey is a talking piece of feces that transmits comfort and joy ⏤ and bad smell. If that alone doesn't earn him a place on the "best" listpark onlist of chars", then nothing will do it. Mr. Hankey seems to have changing moods, particularly fleeting ones, ranging from sickly cheerful to vengefully angry.

There has to be something entertaining about a talking poop with anger issues and self-loathing, especially afterwards.park onhe introduced Mr. Hankey's wife, Autumn, and their three children, to Cornwallis, Amber, and Simon, posing as him entirely. While Mr. Hankey isn't as pivotal as some of the other characters, he cherishes every second of his screen time when he shows up, and honestly, he deserves so much more.

12. Jimmy Valmer

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (10)

Originally intended as a unique rival to Timmy Burch, Jimmy quickly became a fan favorite and has minor roles in several episodes. Like Timmy, his humor stems from his optimism despite his disability, which makes him extremely likeable. Jimmy is a comedian who is often unpopular and can be demeaning to the disabled, but he also shows great self-respect and the ability to laugh at one's own misfortune.

Jimmy has received his own share of episodes, eventually surpassing Timmy beginning in season 9 and becoming a popular regular. Despite Jimmy's disability being used as a reliable joke, Jimmy still represents rare disabilities and how to cope with everyday life despite limitations.

11. Terrance y Felipe

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (11)

They may be grotesque, inappropriate, and comparable to today's millennials, but Terrance and Phillip are something of a guilty pleasure. Of course, they're the stars of The Terrance and Phillip Show, which revolves around the duo's day-to-day antics and incorporates bathroom humor with considerable disdain from those who watch it.

Terrance and Philip are there.South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncutas a bad influence on Kyle, Eric, Kenny and Stan, as well as the majority of the teenage population. Corrupt Terrance and Phillippark onchildren, but they have also corrupted half the population, who wants to call them vulgar and talentless, but they continue to watch, just like us loyal viewers.

10. Koch

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (13)

Everyone loves Boss, and we mean that with the utmost confidence. Chef is the go-to person for all problems, especially for adults. He deserves 10th place just for "Salted Chocolate Balls" and nothing else, but he has other attractive qualities. Above all, the chef is extremely endearing in every way. He is one of the few African-American citizens inpark on⏤ receives a score for Rendering ⏤ and often refers to white characters as "crackers" (affectionately, though not always).

Anytime Chef is around, you can count on a musical number, which is one of the many reasons Chef is a top contender. Chef suffered a gruesome death that shocked manypark onViewers and longtime fans who only testify to how much they loved him.

9. Craig Tucker

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (14)

Craig is the resident character of Gives No F*cks who is almost always seen dating someone for seemingly no reason. He speaks in a deep voice, doesn't necessarily act stereotypically gay (as Big Gay Al is portrayed), and is still romantically attracted to men. If that doesn't fix the little guy, then it's nothing.

park onit has its moments of controversy, but sometimes it represents minorities in a positive light. Craig is a troublemaker and no-nonsense character, which makes him stoic but brutally honest and always ready to confront others about his ignorance. For some inexplicable reason, Craig is effortlessly hilarious, even when he's acting dead serious.

8. Optimization of the week

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (15)

The complete opposite of Craig, Tweek is overly sensitive, conscientious, and restless. While Craig doesn't care what others think, Tweek cares too much. Although his panic state is triggered by excessive caffeine consumption, to some degree, Tweek represents fear in its rarest form.

Many of us worry at times, but few people feel those emotions to their fullest, like Tweek "freaked out" at a certain point. Tweek is harmless, impressionable, and the unfortunate victim of Cartman's schemes, which makes everyone feel sorry for him and may be the reason for his sympathy.

7. Mr. Mackey

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (16)

Mr. Mackey, best known for his catchphrase "m'kay" which appears at the end of most sentences, is one of them.south parksthe most iconic characters. Like Sheila, she had a hit with him.South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncutcalled "It's Easy, Mmm'kay", which turned out to be annoyingly catchy. Additionally, Mr. Mackey sang four other songs throughout the series.

To be perfectly clear, Mr. Mackey is extremely weird, which makes him entertaining to watch later. He seems to shy away from the vulgarity and profanity enjoyed by the rest of the town ⏤ especially the children ⏤ and he seems to be one of the few "sensitive" adults in the entire country.park on, which makes it a breath of fresh air when everyone else is so dirty.

6. Stan's Swamp

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (17)

Aside from the vomit girls ⏤ namely Wendy ⏤ and the "You killed Kenny you bastard!" bit, Stan is arguably the most boring of the main characters (the kids anyway) and is therefore down below the rest. Needless to say, Stan has his moments like every other character. He often narrates the main events of the episode, though it has become more common for Kyle to do so.

Cartman might object, but Stan is usually the leader of the group and the most rational of the boys, though he can easily get caught up in some lunatic scheme. Stan is also caring and sensitive, which is unusual in children, as he has been stigmatized in recent years. It may be unfair to say that this makes Stan less interesting because he is often unemotional than the other kids.

5. Pantano Randy

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (18)

randy marsh essouth parksresident idiot, but a crucial part of the sitcom nonetheless. He drives many of the plots of later seasons and is the center of problems and conflicts due to his bad decisions. As the opposite of his son Stan, Randy is rarely boring. Randy is the essence of mischief, especially when it comes to sexual themes, profanity, and breaking the law.

He is an alcoholic, sex addict, and marijuana farmer who is also portrayed as a criminal and the animated version of "White Trash" in a pejorative sense. Randy is always involved in criminal activity or doing something he shouldn't, making him a car accident waiting to happen and a very entertaining addition to thepark onto water.

4. Kyle Broflovski

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (19)

Kyle is a member of the only Jewish family inpark on, another bead on the representation diagram. Part of Kyle's liking stems from his interactions with Cartman, who frequently teases him about his religion. Kyle keeps calling Cartman "fat ass" and they fight like cats and dogs over Cartman's intense dislike of Kyle's mother.

Unlike other children, Kyle is brotherly, protective, and considerate of others, often standing up for what he believes in, a trait he likely inherited from Sheila. Kyle is, in many ways, a typical young man, curious about the world and determined to make a difference. There's just no immediate reason not to like Kyle.

3. Kenny McCormick

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (20)

Kenny McCormick must die at least once per episode. well probably notall the worldepisode, but it certainly feels that way. He became famous for dying in many bizarre ways in almost every episode, such as trying to set a fart on fire.South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. For a long time, one of Kenny's biggest draws was the atmosphere of mystery that surrounded him.

No one had seen Kenny without his hooded parka or heard his voice along with muffled, incoherent noises, both of which were revealed in the previously referenced feature film. like some otherspark onCharacters, Kenny was meant to be killed off early, but his popularity made it impossible for him to be gone for long.

2. Point of butter

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (21)

During Kenny's temporary absence, Butters became a rising star.park on. Butters is the characteristic "innocent" child who defines the saying "sunshine and rainbows." Originally intended as a background character, Butters grew in popularity. At first, the boys didn't like Butters, who said that he couldn't compare to Kenny; Abuse becomes the supervillain origin story of "Professor Chaos", Butters' famous alter ego.

Also, Butters' kindness is often taken advantage of, a trait that makes him very likeable. In a word, Butters is adorable, like a puppy or a kitten. He is considered by fans to be one of the cutest, most innocent and most gullible characters on the show. He wouldn't hurt a fly and everyone loves him.

1. Eric Cartman

Top 20 'South Park' Characters, Ranked (22)

It had to be like this. Who else would put Eric Cartman, the human embodiment of everything bad in the world, at the helm? He's bold, rude, vulgar, inconsiderate, and carefree, but we love him for it. Cartman is the main antagonist at times, which always keeps things interesting. Every once in a while everyone likes him, but most of the time everyone hates him.

None of the kids know why Cartman is their boyfriend, as friendships are extremely toxic, but the viewers can't explain why Cartman is so nice either. He is easy. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have repeatedly stated that Cartman is their all-time favorite of all the characters on the show, and they're not the only ones who think so.



Who is the most loved character in South Park? ›

Here are the best characters on South Park, ranked.
  • 8 PC Principal.
  • 7 Randy Marsh.
  • 6 Satan.
  • 5 Kyle Broflovski.
  • 4 Eric Cartman.
  • 3 Mr. Garrison.
  • 2 Butters.
  • 1 Kenny McCormick.
Nov 26, 2022

Who is the most innocent South Park character? ›

#1: Leopold "Butters" Stotch

One of the most innocent, gullible and nicest characters on South Park, Butters is constantly picked on by other students (primarily Cartman) and abused by his domineering parents (including nearly being drowned by his mother in "Butters' Very Own Episode").

Who is the smartest kid in South Park? ›

Kyle Broflovski is one of the main characters of South Park. Based on co-creator Matt Stone, Kyle is a member of the only Jewish family in South Park, and is by far the smartest kid in town.

Who is the most popular girl in South Park? ›

Close Friends. Theresa appears to be one of the more popular girls at South Park Elementary, or at least part of their extended circle in recent seasons.

Is Cartman a girl? ›

That being said, Eric “Erica” Cartman is not transgender. The character, pure unadulterated evil in 10-year-old boy form, is well-established as regularly going to cartoonishly offensive lengths to obtain privilege or wealth at the expense of marginalized groups.

Who is Kenny's bestfriend? ›

Best Friends

Cartman and Kenny's relationship has been rocky at times, but they always return to their close friendship status, playing with toys or hanging out at Casa Bonita together. Cartman has considered the both of them to be best friends on multiple occasions, both for selfish and selfless reasons.

Who is the strongest South Park kid? ›

In the beginning of South Park, Craig was said to be the most violent and strongest student in the third-grade class (excluding Cartman). Cartman once claimed that Craig was the "biggest troublemaker in [their] class", and parents of his classmates have cited him as a "bad influence".

Who is the most disliked South Park character? ›

There are plenty of scatological gags in South Park, but none more over-the-top than Mr. Hankey, a talking turd who comes around every holiday season to spread Christmas cheer. While the character was pretty funny in his first appearance, there were diminishing returns due to his one-note personality.

Who is smarter Stan or Kyle? ›

Of the two Kyle is supposed to be smarter. He is the more intelligent one and he is a straight A student in school. Stan meanwhile is the more rational one. He typically has more common sense and less gullibility than Kyle.

Who is the second fattest kid in South Park? ›

That actually happens after Cartman goes to prison, back in Season 4's “Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000”. With Cartman gone, Clyde takes over as the second fattest kid in South Park.

What South Park character has ADHD? ›

Tweek is an over-caffeinated 4th grader. His parents own the local coffee shop, which is especially helpful since he drinks coffee to calm down. His parents claim that his hyperactivity is due to ADD.

Who is the true main character in South Park? ›

Most of the storylines involve Stan, probably. Stan is the protagonist of the show.

What is Mr Mackey's first name? ›

Mr. Mackey is based on Parker's junior high school counselor Stan Lackey.
Mr. Mackey, Jr. is a fictional character in the adult animated television series South Park.
Mr. Mackey
First appearance"Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo" (1997)
12 more rows

WHO calls Cartman first name? ›

Eric Theodore Cartman, commonly referred to by his surname Cartman, is a fictional character in the adult animated sitcom South Park, created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
Eric Cartman
Voiced byTrey Parker
In-universe information
Full nameEric Theodore Cartman
AliasThe Coon
15 more rows

Who is Butters based on? ›

Leopold "Butters" Stotch is a fictional character in the adult animated television series South Park. He is voiced by series co-creator Matt Stone and loosely based on co-producer Eric Stough. He is a student at South Park Elementary School.

Who is Cartman's crush? ›

Patty Nelson is a girl that appears in "Le Petit Tourette", where Eric Cartman blurts out that he has a crush on her, and fantasizes about kissing, much to her disgust.

What is the most loved South Park episode? ›

So come on down to South Park, and meet some of the show's top-rated episodes on IMDb.
  1. 1 "Scott Tenorman Must Die"
  2. 2 "Make Love, Not Warcraft" ...
  3. 3 "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers" ...
  4. 4 "AWESOM-O" ...
  5. 5 "Good Times With Weapons" ...
  6. 6 "Woodland Critter Christmas" ...
  7. 7 "Casa Bonita" ...
  8. 8 "Trapped in the Closet" ...
6 days ago

Who is the special kid in South Park? ›

James "Jimmy" Valmer (/ˈvɑːlmər/) is a fictional character from the American animated television series South Park. He is voiced by Trey Parker. He is physically disabled, requiring forearm crutches in order to walk.

Who has a crush on Butters South Park? ›

During cheerleading practice at South Park Elementary School, the cheerleaders realize that Lisa Berger, an insecure girl, lacks enthusiasm in her cheers. When the team captain, Wendy, learns Lisa has a crush on Butters, she suggests asking him on a date to help boost her confidence.

Who is the best superhero in South Park? ›

South Park: Mysterion, Kenny's Superhero Alter-Ego, Was the Show's Best. Kenny's superhero alter-ego in South Park, Mysterion, proves that he's one of the town's best people.


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