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Dan Schoenholz 'New York Times CrossWord "First Printing"

NY TIMES crossword solution, 5 2 21, "first impressions"

I'm not sure how to summarize the topic.First, let me solve all themed entrances and see if it provides a good description:

  • 23a.[C-Span?], Ponte Coberta.
  • 40a. [P-trap?], Pottymouth.
  • 44a.[G-force?], German army.Too early?
  • 65a.[G-Flat?], Garden apartment.
  • 91a. [D-Con?], Dirty Trick.
  • 94a. [E-bond?], Elmers cola.
  • 113a. [C-sharp?], Kompassnadel.SCHARFIt is a noun in health circles, but no longer general.

Ok: The second part of each track is a noun or perhaps a verb, and the topic of the answer is a phrase (or word composed in a case) that starts with a word with this initial connection named and ends with a synonym of word wordessay.Wingspan is a bridge, C-span is a covered bridge.Bond is money and connects things, so we get Elmer's glue.Cangpan, with, for莽a, ebindingIt may be all verbs, but the theme entries are all substantive.It looks a bit unequal and is not as specifically defined as I would like to have., And I don't know if this brand gets it right.

Seven things:

  • 25A.[Start fighting], call -o.* Eh, no. You could make it fight.They could prepare to snore, but if they want to use it, they are probably naked and not really.
  • 57a.[Guam or the Virgin Islands of the US: ABBR.], Earth馃嚙馃嚪As in Puerto Rico they are basically US colonies, you?Have the United States colonized these places and cannot get rid of?
  • 78a.[LEBRON JAMES EM SEU N.B.A.DEB脺T, Z.B.], adolescent馃嚙馃嚪Yes, it was collected directly by high school.He didn't visit collegebutHe certainly made it possible for many Akron children to go to college.He did very well in his philanthropic activities.
  • 116a.Dessert [black and white], oreo cake馃嚙馃嚪I'm not sure if I saw this dessert.What do you expect from an Oreo cake?
  • 2D.[Classic poem form], EpodoVocabulary.Rauer to fall into the opening corner of a break -on.This is one of those words I learned from crosswords and not from the literature of English literature.
  • 10D.[Cruella wants you to one], Dognapper.Disneymake a movieThis gives Cruella's origin story as if someone was asking as if it were a distribution of Emma Stone's superheroes.I think she wants to play a villain for a change?
  • 29d.[Aesthetically demanding, informal] artistic馃嚙馃嚪馃嚙馃嚪No, this isArtsy Fartsy.Arty fart is the arthur type, which tends to be gas similar.

Anote Paul Coulters La Times Crossword, "Scer Stories" Jennis

The responses of the theme are idioms related to success as if they had referred to a certain place.

Los Angeles Times, May 2, 2021, Paul Coulter, "Successful Stories", Solution Grillles

  • 16D [triumph in a salon?]Cut.
  • 23A [Triumph in the school room?]Create a victory.
  • 38a [triumph in a hockey arena?]Save the day.
  • 60a [triumph in a bakery?]Take the cake.
  • 76d [Triumph in the winery?]Win through a nose.
  • 84A [battery triumph?]Unlike all forecasts.
  • 102a [Triumph on the Mountain Summit?]No final do topoThey will notice that I revealed some letters in it - I typed accidentally and could not find out where I would put the meaningless letters.
  • 122a [Triumph in a comedy club?]Rice.

It's solid and consistent, not my favorite topic, but that's fine.

It's a wonderful day here and the outdoor calls me, so I'll end here.What I didn't know before I did that: thatZINCFollow the copper in the creator of the period.

Evan Birnholz 'Washington Post Word, "Raising Weights" -Jim Qs Record

You lose seven pounds after solving this riddle!

Sunday, May 2, 2021 | (3)

They: lb.(d. H. ALIBRA) has been canceled from general phrases.

Answer Topic:

  • Gal [lb] stairs.Bile bubbles.
  • Metall Band.Metall Band.
  • Sea [lb] Jews.SEAL BEACH.
  • Call back.Call back.
  • MOTHER [lb] sick.Motel Bill.
  • Cell block.Cell block.
  • Persona [lb].Personal registration.
  • (Revelation)[[Weight unit that has been increased seven times in this puzzle] Libra.

Wow.I think I think it's becauseIN PERSONRegistration instead ofIN PERSON AsAnd after a look at the title, I expected a weight unit to increase in some way vertically (you will see that the letter L is on the last letter of the lettersPersonaIt played me).It helped me fill the holes and complete the break -he put that I was just sure, but would lead to a dnf to one point.

This may seem that I'm describing a solution switch, because I wasn't sure in the back of my head if I was over, but it wasn't.Today (sometimes a variety of new names- really depends on my mood, I noticed).

Some fun difficulties are:

  • 123d ["___ Kontemplationen" (Victor Hugo Work)] Les.Because it would not be advisable to give this as an indication[___ Miserable](You know, Hugo'sSeveralWork) this challenge in a puzzle.
  • 1d [Creature in an Army] Frog.Frogs and ants have something in common.
  • 41a [TRIM] Clipe.Many notes like this, not thatappearmore difficult after the solution, but they are very difficult because the number of things can mean (it meansClipWhen I am one of the last synonyms that came to mind when it comes to the solution, but totally fair but totally righteous).
  • 88A [Reimhops formulates a player when he argues that he rejected a shot without pollution] the whole ball.Learning funny term.
  • 103a [adds a number to some extent.What a great tip."Number" is obviously a synonym for "music".
  • 106a [Soldiers Paste] Cr bends.Pfui.i needed forever to achieve this.
  • 3D [Sets correctly?] Italic.Another fantastic tip.
  • 9D [Bones on the wrong way] True rib.The tip does a great job that shows a lover who is unaware of the existence of this bone (ie, me) in the right direction.
  • 10D ["___ Violent joys" (book by Chloe Gong)].I never heard of this book, but I still got inTHISNo crosses.
  • 25D [What do you do with a plane trip].Yes, in fact.
  • 28d [minor in Scottish history?] Boy.Yes, in fact.
  • 30D [as elastic material] train.This word was inaccessible to me today.Each cross used.
  • 51d [(dead)] sad face.I am usually not familiar with the short form emoji.
  • 76D [the comedian, who said, "I started a heavyweight program, but on the first day I threw my back, so I put the brochure."] Emo Philips.How often does your whole name appear in a break -go?!
  • 132a [construction of rails] Nester.I suppose a rail is a type of bird?New to me.
  • 133a [was it a zoomer in the 80s?] Speed.I adore.

Neu Names:

StacieOrrico,LITTLE B, LinftyO'Doul, ZachFORARocha,HanaMae Lee,RandallMunroe (I couldn't remember his name!) ... is that?Feel the more.

Well, thereOMARJimenez,AlanIdiotLaraFlynn Boyle, who was familiar to me, but I don't see in bars frequently (happy to seeOMARJimenez da Drin!).

However, an excellent break -go that is beautifully built.LAGO/ALLGiftMeta/EGiftPersona/IT ISetc.Easy to consider as guaranteed, but it is important to solve pleasure.The LB entrances did not raise an eyebrow as uncomfortable (and there are many restrictions on it).

I can't share this jewel:

David Alfred Bywaters' Universal Sunday Crossword, "Return and Replace" -Jim PS Classification

Today's thematic entrances consist of sentences in which a word usually occurs again.These letters are reversed and placed at the end of the same word to create a completely new crazy phrase.

Universal Doming Cross Word Solution 路 "Re-Vire and Replace" 路 David Alfred Bywaters 路 5.2.21

  • 21a. [Is it impatient during the conversion of the kitchen?]Request an accountant.To say.
  • 41a. [Person who uses certain retrievers?]Laboratory provider.MessageDo you only use a certain dog?
  • 43 a. [House of Lords Turista?]Pairs visualizer.Review馃嚙馃嚪Without the other word that ends in -er.
  • Mancha. [Maybe the swap basketball coach?]Changes in the Center.The newest馃嚙馃嚪"New Changes" looks "green" to me.
  • 90 a. [Parts of the wedding cakes -Competences of the mile?]Change.Relay.
  • pera. [Brekenridge low level employee?]Ski.To resortThis I like to imagine a bad key that looks permanently in a mountain of random skis.
  • 114a. [Escapada after this year's games?]According to Temponeagem.Recapitulate.T "Nach Season After the Season", a common genoough phrase?

Beat and miss me.I like solid and consistent execution, but I can't expect things like level races.Of course the mileage may vary.

However, the filling has many great things:Shadow treesGiftHermit CancerGiftCoralGiftItalian frost, "WHERE AM I?"Determined personGiftHundstageGiftChina, eToasted.


  • Takes. [Kingdom of David].QuiteWe also accept [actor Friedlander of "30 Rock"].He was the man of many hats.
  • 50d. [Go away with the parade].MARCH馃嚙馃嚪The entrance seems to have more to do with civil agitation than the parades.

The topic is solid, if not particularly exciting, but the filling is clean and bright.3.5 stars.

Alex Eaton -Salers Universal KreuzworworZenel, "The Right Fruit" -Jim Qs escreva

Her:Orange grows in thematic responses?I think ... oh wait.I understand now.Orange grows from the middle to (not from the beginning).

Sunday, May 2, 2021 | (6)

Universal Cross Word Solution 路 "The Right Fruit" 路 Alex Eaton Salners 路 Sun., 4.28.21

Answer Topic:

  • 17a [*car introduced in 1927] Ford ModelONE.
  • 25A [*Old Egyptian god part symbolic of the body]Ra.
  • 36a [*candidates also lose]Mail.
  • 38a [*"How can I help?" For a butler] sheRang?
  • 49a [*is measured in octaves] vocalsOFFER.
  • 59a [*New Jersey City, in which Queen Latifah grew or "grows" in the star responds']ORANGE.

I really had trouble understanding the first theme and how it was related to cultivationORANGE.Mir just realized that it is really quite perfect.The orange "grows" from the middle, not from left to right, as I originally assumed.What is very good at these inputs is that every part of theORANGE, as it grows is a separate word without feeling forced.Great discoveries fit symmetrically and, with six topics, no wonder the number of words is 80 in this case.

It was not really noticeable to like or not like the filling.I think I focused more on what was happening on the subject.See byline, I usually find myself more to find out the topic than the filling.If I look back, I feel the same.

Excellent aha after the solution in this case.

3,9 Sterne.

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