Metamorphsy: Why do I see horizontal lines as rounded? (2023)

Metamorphopsis can make straight objects look wave, flat objects seem rounded, and shapes seem to distort.Treating eye disorders that affect your retinas can help improve your vision.

Metamorphopsis is a visual defect that makes linear objects, such as lines in a grid, look like curved or rounded.It is caused by problems with the retina of the eye and, in particular, the macula.

HeretinaIt is a thin layer of cells on the back of the eye that feels the light and sends, through the optic nerve, impulses to the brain, which allows it to see.The macula is at the center of your retina and helps you see in clear details.

Metamorphopsis can result when any of these parts of your eye is affected by disease, injury or age.

Metamorphopia affects central vision (versus peripheral or lateral vision) and distorts the appearance of linear objects.It can occur in one eye or both.When you have metamorphopia, you can find:

  • Straight objects, like a poster, seem undulating.
  • Flat things, like the plate itself, seem rounded.
  • The shapes, like a face, may seem distorted.
  • Objects look smaller than they are (called micropsy) or larger than they are (macropsy).According to2016 SurveyMicroporca is more common than macropsy.

Metamorphopsis can be a symptom of a variety of eye disorders that affect the retina and the macula.They include:

Age -related macular degeneration (AMD)

AMD is commonDegenerative disorder that affects the macula, the part of your eyes that allows you to see with a sharp approach and fine details.National Eye InstituteReports that AMD is:

  • the main cause of vision loss between 50 years or more
  • It is not suitable to happen until after 60 years
  • Genetic
  • possibly related to environmental factors, such as diet and smoke

On a2018 StudyLooking at AMD and Metamorphy:

  • 45 % of study subjects had visual line distortions (for example, newspaper screens or computer)
  • 22.6 % noted distortions of windows and shelves
  • 21.6 % had distortions of bathroom tile lines
  • 18.6 % experienced faces distortions

There are two types of AMD:

  • Wet.Blood vessels filter liquid or blood in the macula (less common than AMD dries).
  • Seco.There is no leakage of liquid or blood in the macula.The macula becomes thinner due to aging, where fat lipid fat proteins (calledDrusen) Groups under the surface, causing vision loss.

Wet AMDIt is more likely to produce metamorphopsis than AMD dries.

Membranas epiretinia (wasteland)

ERMS are also called macular loose.They are caused by a defect in the retinal surface coating.This defect can be caused by age, retina tears and diseases such as diabetes, which affect the vascular regions in the eye.

ERM begins with cells that grow on the smooth membrane of the retina.This cell growth can contract.This pulls the retina and causes distorted vision.

About20 percentOf people in the United States, more than 75 are ERMs, although not all cases are serious enough to require treatment.

Edema macular

This is a condition in which the fluid accumulates in the macula.This liquid can be filtered from the surrounding blood vessels that are damaged due to:

  • Diseases likediabetes
  • Ocular surgery
  • certain inflammatory disorders (howuveitis, or inflammation of the uvea or the intermediate layer of the eye of the eye)

This additional fluid causes the macula to swell and thicken, causing a distorted view.

Retinal detachment

When the retina separates from the structures that support it, the vision is affected.This can occur due to injuries, medical condition or trauma.

Retina detachment usually begins on the periphery of the retina.But the central view can be affected if the macula is affected.

Medical emergency

AHighlighted retinaIt is a medical emergency and requires immediate treatment to prevent permanent vision loss.Symptoms include "float”(Motto in your vision) or flashes of light in your eyes.

Call your ophthalmologist, if available, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Macular hole

As the name implies, a macular hole is a small break or a break in the macula.This rest can occur due to age.It is necessary when the gel that gives the eyes its round shape is shrunk and contracts, moving away from the retina and causing tears.

Macular holes usually occur in the elderly of the age of60If an eye is affected, it has a10 a 15 %possibility of developing it in the other eye.

Doctors use various techniques, most graphs or lines with lines, to help diagnose metamorphones.

People who see line distortions when there is no longer is more likely to have a retina or a macular problem and a posterior metamorphopy.

Grid they amsler

Your doctor may ask him to look at a table called Amsler Grid, who was named after Creator Dr.Marc Amsler.

During an exam, it will focus at the center point of the net without letting its eyes wander.His medical eye asked questions like "all squares are exactly the same size?"To see if he has any distortion in his vision and where it is distortion there.

The grid can try your vision at the center10 seriesof your vision.It was the first test developed to evaluate metamorphopsy.

Preferred hyperacuity permeter (PHP)

PHP is a computerized test in which dotted lines are shown before you on a screen.In each line, a small number of points is misaligned to make a collision or wave.The test administrator will ask you to point out these artificial distortions.

The amount of distortion in your vision can be quantified measuring as varying degrees of distortion on the lines.

Graphics m

M charts developed to better quantify the degree of metamorphopsia in horizontal and vertical directions compared to an AMSler grid.These images are formed by one or two straight lines created from small points, again with a central focal point.

People with metamorphopsia will interpret these straight lines, such as irregular or curved.The lines are vertical and horizontally to measure distortion in both directions.

(PHP and M charts are rarely used).

Because metamorphopsis is a symptom of a retinal or a macular problem, the treatment of the underlying disorder should improve distorted vision.

For example, if you have wet AMD, a doctor may recommendLaser surgeryTo stop or slow down the blood of the defective vessels in the retina.

If you have dry AMD, you can recommend that you be suresupplements, like vitamins C and E, Luteina and Zeaxanth, which has shown to reduce the slowdown of the disease.

If you have a separate retina, surgery to replace it will be required.Any related metamorphopy should improve, but can take time.

On a2016 Study, more than half of the subjects of the study still had some metamorphpsy one year after successful surgery for a separate retina.

The distorted view that is a different seal from metamorphopsis is a common symptom of retinal problems and macular eyes.

Depending on the underlying condition and its severity, metamorphopsis may be significant or not.

Talk to a doctor if you notice any changes in your vision.As in any condition, previous detection and treatment result in a better result.

A retina expert can provide treatments to help delay damp AMD progression, protect your vision and (in some cases) help improve your vision loss.Obtaining anti-vegf injections can help delay blood vessel leakage and restrict the growth of new abnormal blood vessels, which helps preserve your vision.Some types of wet AMD can also be treated with laser surgery.

Although wet AMD usually does not cause blindness, this can lead to deterioration of its central vision.A low vision expert can help you maximize your remaining vision.These experts are usually optometrists or ophthalmologists trained to help you lifestyle settings, changes in your home and workplace, and the use of Vision AID.

Living with low vision can put it at greater risk of anxiety and depression.It can also lead to loneliness if you prevent you from socializing.A psychologist, professional consultant or clinical social worker can diagnose mental health conditions and use psychotherapy to help him.A psychiatrist can prescribe medications if necessary.

Smoking can do some treatments designed to slow down the damage of AMD wet medications.

People with wet AMD may be more likely to develop cardiovascular disease, especially as the condition advances.A cardiologist can detect signs of heart disease and prescribe medications if necessary.They can also offer recommendations for lifestyle changes such as starting an exercise routine, which can reduce the risk of heart disease.

After a nutritious diet, it can be an important part of the wet AMD handling.It showed that certain foods, such as vegetables of green leaves, shellfish and yellow fruits and vegetables, help the condition.A nutritionist can provide a personalized feeding plan to certainly get the recommended nutrients.They may also suggest foods rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, which may reduce the risk of advanced AMD.

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