Memorable Moments in Panem: The Hunger Games Trilogy Review by Suzanne Collins (2023)


In preparation for the arrival ofspittoonI have decided to re-read the first two books in the series. He had forgotten some details and also wanted to review the question between Team Gale and Team Peeta.

It was a great idea for me to re-read the books. Since I already knew the outcome, I was able to pay more attention to other plot elements (although I rushed in with a little less enthusiasm the second time around!).

Use: Page numbers are provided for reference; HG refers toThe Hunger Games; FC acatch firey MJ aspittoon.

The story of Panem seemed more relevant to me than ever given the current state of the real world:

“[The Mayor] tells the story of Panem, the land that rose from the ashes of a place once called North America. He lists the disasters, the droughts, the storms, the fires, the encroaching seas that have engulfed so much land, the brutal war for what little was left." [HG, 18]

[it's not untilspittoonhowever, that we learn the ironic meaning of "Panem". I thought the name was a variation on Pan-America, and maybe in a sense it is. As he had forgotten, District 12 was once Appalachia, and the Capitol was in the place "once called the Rockies". [HG, 47] But we find a more sinister association in Mockingjay when Plutarch explains it to Katniss:]

“It's a proverb from thousands of years ago, written in a language called Latin about a place called Rome,” he explains. "Panem et Circenses means 'bread and games.' The author said that in exchange for full bellies and entertainment, his people relinquished their political responsibilities and thus his power.

I think of the Capitol. Excess food. And the maximum entertainment. The Hunger Games. “That's what the districts are for. To distribute bread and games.”

'Yes. And as long as that continued, the Capitol could control their little empire.'” [MJ, 223]

There were many wonderful scenes in the first two books that I had forgotten the details of, such as: B. after Katniss (age 16) takes her little sister's place in the Hunger Games:

"First one, then the other, then almost everyone in the crowd touches their lips with the three middle fingers of their left hand and stretches them out towards me" [HG, 24].

And then the touching moment when Katniss gives her friend Rue the same goodbye after her death... [HG, 237]

The Hunger Gameshe also introduced us to the mockingbird, the mutation that resulted from the mockingbird mating with the "jabberjay." Jabberjays were genetically modified creatures that could memorize and repeat entire human conversations. They were sent from the Capitol to spy on the rebels. But the Jabberjays were captured by the rebels and turned on the Capitol when the rebels sent them back loaded with lies. [CF, 92] After the war, jabberjays became extinct, but they bred with mockingbirds. Ironically, the Capitol had never counted on his will to live. [CF, 92] Thus, the mockingbird became "a kind of slap in the face of the Capitol." [HG, 42-3] Katniss wears a Mockingjay pin in both games.

Katniss initially doesn't realize the importance of the mockingbird. He had forgotten that when Katniss explains the origin of his name, which is identical to a plant with three white petals in bloom, he remembers his father joking, "As long as you can find yourself, you will never go hungry." [HG, 52]meetturned out to be critical.

The Katniss, also known as Arrowhead

President Snow visits Katniss at her home and tells her, "Katniss Everdeen, the girl who was on fire, you created a spark that if left unchecked can become an inferno that will destroy Panem." [CF, 23] In fact, the first riot soon begins in District 8 [CF, 88].

But Katniss is also experiencing personal turmoil: she's weighing what she had with Gale versus what she had with Peeta:

“He [Gale] became my confidant, someone I could share thoughts with that I could never say behind the fence. In return, he entrusted me with his. Being in the woods with Gale…sometimes he was very happy.

I call him my friend, but for the last year it's seemed too casual a word for what Gale is to me. …[HG, 112]”

And when Katniss returns home:

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"Storm. The thought of seeing Gale in a few hours makes me sick to my stomach. But why? I can't imagine it. All I know is that I feel like I've lied to someone who trusts me. Or, to be more precisely, two people.” [HG, 371]

Amcatch fireyspittoon, Katniss is now seventeen years old.

At first, Katniss admits that her fake romance with Peeta as a key strategy to survive in the arena "was nothing more than painful for Gale." [FC, 9]

And yet Katniss finds herself in conflict with Peeta. She says, "Just the sound of her voice turns my stomach into a knot of uncomfortable emotions like guilt, sadness, and fear. And longing. I might as well admit there's some of that, too." [CF, 14]

After the Hunger Games, Katniss waited for Gale in the woods. He waited at least two hours:

"I began to think that he didn't care about me anymore. He even hated me. And the thought of losing him forever, my best friend, the only person with whom I had ever shared my secrets, was so painful that I couldn't bear it. Not for everything. I could feel my eyes watering and my throat starting to close up like it does when I get emotional.

Then I looked up and there he was, ten feet away, looking at me. Without even thinking, I jumped up and hugged him, making a strange noise that combined laughter, retching, and crying. …” [CF, 26]

Before they parted that day, Gale did one more thing:

"Then when I suggested she do the daily cheating run, she suddenly took my face in her hands and kissed me. ... I hadn't imagined how warm [her lips] would feel against mine. Or how these hands, that they could set the most complicated traps, they could catch me just as easily. …Then he released me and said: 'I had to do that. At least once.' And she left ". [CF, 27]

However, Haymitch makes it clear that from now on, Katniss will only live with Peeta, because otherwise it means she was trying to make one for the Capitol. [CF, 44]

Gale tells Katniss that he loves her. [CF, 96] She cannot answer.

Gale tells Katniss that he won't go with her; He can't run away from other families who need help. [CF, 100] But Katniss hasn't "found" herself yet.

As Gale is struck for his life, Katniss realizes that "Gale is mine. I am his." [CF, 117]

"Of course I love Gale. But what kind of love does she [his mother] mean? What do I mean when I say I love Gale? I don't know. [CF, 125]

Katniss plans to tell Gale when she says goodbye to him before the second Hunger Games: "To let Gale know how important he was to me all these years. How much better my life was because I knew him. To love him, even in a way limited.” But she never gets the chance [CF, 186] [And to our knowledge, she doesn't take that step afterwards either.]

Katniss with Gale, in the film version

But Peeta is in the arena with Katniss and Gale is away.

Peeta knows how much Rue meant to Katniss, and when it's his turn to introduce the Watchers, he draws a picture of Rue "what she looked like after Katniss covered her in flowers." She has the desired effect on Katniss. manipulative? [CF, 248] Later, inspittoon, plants primroses for Katniss in Prim's honor. Again, it sounds like he might be manipulative.

President Snow insists that Peeta and Katniss get married. Cinna creates a wedding dress for Katniss who transforms into a Mockingjay costume. [CF, 252] Before the second game begins, Cinna is beaten in front of Katniss; probably murdered. [CF, 263] Just before that, Haymitch, Katniss and Peeta's mentor, told Katniss, "Just think about who the enemy is." [CF, 258]

After the aborted second Hunger Games, the survivors not captured by the Capitol are airlifted. There really is a District 13!

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"During the Dark Days, the rebels in 13 wrested control from government forces, aimed their nuclear missiles at the Capitol, and then made a deal: they would play dead to be left alone." [MJ, 17]

The president of District 13 is now Alma Coin.

Most of Panem's districts are now in full rebellion.

Katniss discovers that everyone tried to keep her alive:

"'We had to save you because you are the mocking jay, Katniss,' says Plutarch. 'While you live, live the revolution.'” [CF, 386]

"The others kept Peeta alive because we knew we couldn't keep you in an alliance if he died," says Haymitch. [CF, 387]

Peeta, Johanna, and Enobaria were picked up from the Capitol after the arena exploded. [CF, 387]

Gale walks in to see Katness. He's hurt:

"Crime?" panting.

She lives. Your mom too. I got them out on time," she says.

"Aren't you in District Twelve?" I ask.

Gale tells her, "Katniss, there is no such thing as District Twelve." [CF, 391]

District 12 has been destroyed!

Asspittoonbegins, Katniss is in shock/PTSD after the game. When the headache becomes unbearable, he recites his new mantra:

"My name is Katniss Everdeen. I am 17 years old. My home is District 12. I was in the Hunger Games. I escaped. The Capitol hates me. Peeta was captured. Presumed dead. Most likely dead. It's probably better if he's dead..."

More than 90% of the residents of District 12 are dead. The remaining 800 are refugees in District 13... Gale rescued these residents, including Katniss's mother and Prim. He brought them to the meadow. She helped tear down the electric fence and led the people into the woods.

Katniss feels that she still has a role to play:

“…What they want is for me to really take on the role they designed for me. The symbol of the revolution. The mocking jay. …Now I must become the true leader, the face, the voice, the embodiment of the revolution…”

Katniss looks at a list of all the people who have died because of her... [MJ, 12] Then she reflects:

"...I'm close to losing Gale as well. The glue of mutual need that has held us so close over the years is melting. Dark spots, not light, appear in the spaces between us... [ MJ, 126].”

Katniss is mad at Gale for not telling her that Peeta is on TV and he looks bad. She says:

"Gale practically lied to me. This was unacceptable, even though he was concerned for my well-being. [MJ, 128]"

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He faced Gale and he said:

"I'm sorry. Okay? I didn't know what to do. I wanted to tell you, but everyone was afraid you'd get sick if you saw Peeta's propo," she says.

"You were right. I was. But not as sick as you lie to me for [District 13 President] Coin." At that moment, his communications bracelet begins to ring. "There she is. Run better. You have something to tell her."

"For a moment, real pain shows on his face. Then it's replaced with cold rage. He turns and walks away. Maybe I was being too spiteful and didn't give him enough time to explain himself. Maybe they're all trying to protect me." lying to me. I don't care. I'm sick of people lying to me for my own good. Because really it's mostly for their own good. Lie to Katniss about the rebellion so she won't do anything crazy. Send them to the arena without a clue to that we can fish them out. Don't tell her about Peeta's propo because it could make her sick and it's hard enough to get a decent performance out of her. [MJ, 117-8]"

[Is it really fair to dump all this on Gale? Note that he also seems to have forgotten that Gale saved the family from him. You'd think the "crime" of not telling him that Peeta wasn't okay would be offset by a few other things.]

Katniss and Peeta in the movie version during the games.

They later reconcile, but Katniss still has Peeta first on her mind. Storm on Katniss:

"I don't have a chance if it doesn't get better. You'll never be able to let it go. You'll always feel bad when you're with me."

"Like you always make me feel bad for kissing him," I tell him.

Gale meets my gaze. "If I thought that was true, I could almost live with the rest."

"That's right," I admit. "But that's what you said about Peeta too." [MJ, 197]

Then Katniss kisses Gale, "Because I'm so desperately alone I can't take it." [MJ, 198]

Knowing that her head is elsewhere, Gale stops kissing her.

[It seems okay for Katniss to cheat on Gale by kissing him while thinking about Peeta and just because she's lonely, but not for Gale to "cheat" Katniss by shielding her from hearing hurtful information about Peeta.]

Brainwashed by the Capitol, Peeta accuses Katniss of being a con artist. She thinks:

"All those months of assuming Peeta thought I was wonderful are over. He can finally see me for who I really am. Violent. suspicious. manipulative. Deadly. And I hate him for it." [MJ, 232]

[That is the key.And while Peeta seems to be "recovering" and seeing Katniss like he used to, Gale knows the truth about Katniss and she knows that he knows it. She would rather have Peeta's blind admiration and love.]

Peeta and Gale discuss which one Katniss loves:

Peeta: "I wonder how he's going to decide."

Gale: "Oh, I know." I can only hear Gale's last words through the cloak of fur. "Katniss will choose the one she feels she cannot survive without" [MJ, 328-9]

[Katniss listens to this conversation. With that, Gale's fate is sealed. He can see through it, but Peeta can't.]

(Video) Suzanne Collins Answers Questions about The Hunger Games Trilogy

Katniss Sae's greasy load:

"'Where did Gale go?'

"District Two. I got a great job there. I see it on TV from time to time," he says.

“I rummage and try to register the anger, the hate, the longing. I just find relief' [MJ, 384]".

[Why is relief his only reaction? How unfair to Gale! And is no one a bit surprised by Gale's new role?]

Katniss says that she thought she would end up with Peeta:

"It's not Gale's fire fueled by anger and hate that I need to survive. I have a lot of fire myself. What I need are the dandelions in spring. The bright yellow that signifies rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on no matter how bad our losses. That things can get better. And only Peeta can give me that. [MJ, 388]"

So after that, when he whispers, "Do you love me. Real or not real?" I say, "Real" [MJ, 388]."

As romantic and beautiful as this ending is, it doesn't do Gale justice other than to show that he knows Katniss better than anyone.

As you can see, I had some "issues" with it.spittoon, but I have to say that I loved the series in general and thank the author for giving me hours of joy and emotional satisfaction.

Finally, let me share with you one of the touching moments that touched me the most in the series.spittoon– Finnick's death:

Katniss cake:

"It's like I'm Finnick watching flashbacks of my life. A ship's mast, a silver parachute, Mag's laugh, a pink sky, Beetee's trident, Annie in her wedding dress, waves crashing against the rocks Then it's over [MJ, 312-2]”

Finnick and Katniss at the training center, from the film version

The Hunger Games, published by Scholastic Press, 2008

Catching Fire, published by Scholastic Press, 2009

Mockingjay, published by Scholastic Press, 2010



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