How and When: Bulletproof Methods for Texting a Woman You Just Met (2023)

You are in a bar and you meet an amazing new woman. The conversation is solid, they have a lot in common, and at the end of the night, she gives them her number. Sparkly!

But when you text her three days later, she never responds.

If this has ever happened to you, you know how difficult, frustrating, and confusing it can be.

So what happened? What went wrong?

It is a common question: howtext the girls you just met🇧🇷 In this article, I will introduce you to a simple system that any man can use. Most of the time, this will dramatically increase his interest in you, starting with the very first text.

Before You Begin: Quality Engagements Get Quality Numbers

I talk to a lot of guys who go out at night and spend the night trying to get as many numbers as they can. This is aforeverway to meet women

Because? Because you're getting more numbers at the expense ofBetternumbers. As with the most valuable things in life, quality trumps quantity. It's better to get fewer phone numbers from women you have high-quality interactions with than to play the numbers game. This is why.

  • While you don't have to spend the whole night with a woman at the bar, trying to get a number from every girl in the room is a bad idea. Trust me, girls notice. The optics don't always help your social value.
  • You are probably not spending your time wisely. Why bother getting phone numbers from girls you don't like and who might not like you? I wish it was different, but it's not like you two are magically going to have better chemistry once you start texting. Don't be afraid to leave empty-handed, that's the result of a good selection.
  • He spends more time with women than doeshaving chemistry is the best possible use of your time. Creating a connection and following it through text messages is the name of the game.

So before we get started, let's keep this in mind: at the end of a night out, you'd rather go home with an interesting phone number than a phone full of numbers you'd never leave with. Making this mental shift is the foundation for smartly selecting women and eventually creating text messages that make her put her phone down and go on a date with you.

How to get her number every time

So you want to learnhow to text girlsyou just met I have developed a simple and effective way for you to get a woman's phone number at all times. Give them a try the next time you're out and see how they help build a connection that will turn into a date.

Wait for a high point.One of the biggest mistakes guys make when getting phone numbers is waiting until they are about to leave. But the last note of their conversation might not be the best note. Instead, wait until a high point in the interaction, even if it's sooner than expected, and go to your number. This is the point at which he will probably feel that you are someone he would like to see again. Being authentic and spontaneous in those moments does magic.

Tell him, don't ask.Instead of asking for his phone number, just tell him that you want him. This is a confident move that communicates your interest without an implied apology or exit. After all, if you two get along and have fun, whywouldn't godoes she want your number? Something as simple as "You seem very nice, give me your number so we can see each other sometime" works perfectly.

Give him your phone.Give him your phone so all he has to do is enter the phone number. Then create the new contact yourself. Make it as easy as possible for her to give you her number, without unnecessary work or dictation.

Share ideas for quotes.As you write down her phone number, tell her some things you can do together. "I know a great place to walk that not many people know about" or "Seriously, I live next door to the best cocktail bar in town." Get back to your common interests, so she's already excited to see you again.

Text him right away.ask your friends howtext girlsyou just met, they'll probably tell you to wait. Lots of guys are still playing the “too cool to text” game. This gets committed and confident enough guys to text you right away – that's you! - Stand out from the rest. It also lessens the pressure that builds up when we wait fortext a girl🇧🇷 A playful emoji two hours after meeting can do more than a deliberately crafted text two days later. Do something light and fun, but also flirty, like "Hi, I'm AJ, the guy with the incredibly sexy eyes :-D." Now you have broken the ice.mishe has your phone number. Sending him the next text will be much easier.

You see how different this is from how most guysask the girls their phone numbers🇧🇷 These are all small changes, but they make a big difference in their experience with you.

When do you write to him again?

The first text is out of the way. Now the question is, when are you going to text him again?

The short answer is almost always, although the sooner the better. One of the great advantages of text messages is that they allow a person to reply whenever they want. And while you may not want to text him at 3 am. m. when you stagger into his apartment for the night, texting him at lunchtime the next day is fine.

While in the old days guys were afraid to call early, nowadays it's more common to wait too long. In fact, in our exclusive infographic on texting and dating (LINK), we found that one in four women don't like it when potential boyfriends wait too long to text. So the next morning is probably a good time to make this happen. She waits until what seems like a reasonable amount of time and sends him a text.

When he texts you back, don't feel like you have to text him again right away. At the same time, don't pretend you're busy when you're not. If you want to talk to her and you're available, send her a text. If you're busy or just not feeling particularly flirty right now, go ahead and leave the text there. Again, the great thing about texting is that it's a way to pause a conversation until you're ready to resume it.

So what do I send you?

The most important thing to remember whentext message girlsWhat you just learned is that texting is not good for "get to know you" conversations. Save that for when the two of you are really together. This is because the words you use are the least important in a conversation; much more important is your body language and tone of voice, both of which are absent when you send a message.

So what do you do instead? Flirt a little. Keep things light. It's a joke. Don't be afraid to use emoticons, let them know that you are playing and joking. A really powerful way to increase attraction is to bring up something that the two of you connected when you first met. Teasing works best for this because it immediately takes her into a fun and playful space.

Eventually, once you've reached a healthy level of trust and rapport, you'll want to steer the conversation toward making plans. After all, you don'task for his phoneso the two of you can sit back and text non-stop. Talk to her about the things you're both passionate about, and then make plans to do something together. If she's not interested at first, don't worry: she might just like it.youbut not plans or could legitimately have something to do. However, if he repeatedly rejects ideas, it's probably best to move on. She's not as into you as you thought, or she just can't find the time to date.

Once you've agreed that the two of you need to do something together, the conversation should shift completely to logistics. Keep it easy, clear and fun. Once you've worked out the details (what you're doing, when, where, and how you're going to get there), get back to flirting. Again, the last thing you want to talk about with her is what you saw on TV last night or what your childhood was like. There is a lot to say for a personal conversation. Save the long conversations about her favorite TV shows and what she likes about work for when you're together.

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