Friday, June 10, 2022, Billy Bratton/edited by Patti Varol and Christina Iiverson (2023)

She:60-° C.Subsidizes

Friday, June 10, 2022, Billy Bratton/edited by Patti Varol and Christina Iiverson (1)

Bank concept:

The size of today's puzzle is 16x15.Billy Bratton needed the additional cell series (38 access. *Are people in the era of good feelings born? :) :) :) :)Optimistic generationFind in the grid.They have more difficult to solve the puzzle.But the difficult trace can overcome this obstacle

Bratton selected four phrases that were attributed by adding the word"HOCH".38 Across tookRhythmusgeneration- defined as "a movement of young people in the 1950s, which rejected conventional society and the Zen Buddhism, modern jazz, freelance sexuality and leisure drugs, and" up "was added to adapt to the track,,that was selected for this input of the era of good feelings. It was also mentioned by a good feeling, described the national mood of the United States from 1815 to 1825, as it was registered for the first time by the

Boston Columbian Centinel

on July 12, 1817. The United States had just left the war of 1812.Wikipedia offers a detailed report

18-Access.High -plug -in period."Create time"It is a common sentence for convicted prisoners;As with the fulfillment of a period of time to pay for your crime/serious crime."High insulation"Is it a word known to people who keep their long hair on their heads or contain?

Friday, June 10, 2022, Billy Bratton/edited by Patti Varol and Christina Iiverson (2)

26Vertical hookI have absolutely no idea what was meant here.VerticalAs an adjective, it means virtuous.Vertical (Noun)You can also refer to a kind of piano.Real hookWhen boxing, it is a way to throw a blow with your right hand.HOOKIt could refer to a Spike wire that is used at the end of a stick or a postline to "catch" a fish.But where does the word "song" fit?I'm confused;And I am your blogger you jour

47-ACROSS.*Did the night download the last operating system?:Update night.Ok, I think myselfHe gainedOst!ScheduleIt is a newer term that is used to describe, wait, a night on which you go to an appointment!Well, maybe a little more subtle than that!Margaret and I defined our "dating night" like the night of the week, in which we are literally literally separate society and reality.I /or other legal "sweets", we listen to the music from 1970 in our Bluetooth spokesman and spent a wonderful time together.ÖOperatingSSystem?No on the night of the date

Here is the complete network:

Friday, June 10, 2022, Billy Bratton/edited by Patti Varol and Christina Iiverson (3)

1. Wir shouroie:LAVAAccording to Hawaii -Guide Dot Com: "The Kilauea volcano on the large island of Hawaii is currently exploding at its summit and flooding the bottom of the Halemumau crater with fresh lava tremen.":very goodThey are actually "related" in geology, although Mauna Loa has not been more than 22 miles away for more than 35 years (see map below).

Friday, June 10, 2022, Billy Bratton/edited by Patti Varol and Christina Iiverson (4)

5. Clear dishes from:BUS.This website defines the word bus as it is

8. Jammies:PJsWhat is the name of the outfit of his room?Jammies?PJS?Bat at night?Swle shirt?

11. hosp.cifras:Dr..Rns also fits.That slowed me down a little until the Pers reached the rescue

14. More time than probabilities:DroilsThis came to me to the winner of Kentucky Derby this year, Rich Strike, an example.The horse originally founded 30: 1 to win the race.At the beginning of the race, Rich Streik was likely, according to the traigators, the thin nest of chances of winning.But the horse did and rewarded those who bet generously on a rich impact

Friday, June 10, 2022, Billy Bratton/edited by Patti Varol and Christina Iiverson (5)

16. How many Berber:SahrauiBerberes are the indigenous peoples of North Africa, in which the Sahara desert is located

19. Like the city's streets:Two tracesWithout plasters could also fit

20. Mediterranean country:ISRAEL.Grecia also adapts.Most people don't always think of Israel when it refers to a Mediterranean country.

Friday, June 10, 2022, Billy Bratton/edited by Patti Varol and Christina Iiverson (6)

And a little related, we have 5 below.Capital in the Levant:BringThe Levant is an approximate historical geographical term that refers to a large area in the eastern Mediterranean of West Asia

Friday, June 10, 2022, Billy Bratton/edited by Patti Varol and Christina Iiverson (7)

22. Mandix Artist Mixto Rousey:Ronda.A welcome sport track!I knew that.Here is your website

23. Family girls:sister. Fam: family;Sister: sister

29. Kurz:A little bitIn the beginning I put in this room "in one second", which slowed me down until Pers appeared.

32. Bear prayers:SHEETIt is a koala (native Australia) the leaves of eucalyptus;The strange one seems to be poisonous for most other species.Koalas are a favorite meal of pythones, owls, crocodiles, dingos and foxes;And strangely, it isnotoxic to other species ... which I know

33. "You bet":Tapa.

34. Garage stark brand:GENIUS.

Garage door seller
The favorite comedy of the 1960s?
"I dream of Genie"

35. Org.que contains TSA:DHS.DDepartment ofHPatriaSsecurity

42. Cava in the bar:Orally.Beligent track;Probably patti's.alojamiento(Noun): Housing."Pigs Digs" could also fit as a distance for 42 access, but that could be too obvious for a Friday puzzle

43. Battery measures:Volt. Battle bed batteries dot com has a fairly simple description for battery measures: "The battery voltage is the amount onelectrical potentialA battery is retained, measured in volt.The batteries vary from a few hundredth batteries that are water pressure in the tube."

44. Biblische Berg:Sinai.

45. Bernie in his gloves, Keanu plays with puppies, etc.:Meme.Em is:

Friday, June 10, 2022, Billy Bratton/edited by Patti Varol and Christina Iiverson (8)

Friday, June 10, 2022, Billy Bratton/edited by Patti Varol and Christina Iiverson (9)

46. "Yes, these are old news":"I HEARD".

52. Manhattan Option:Centeno.Manhattan, as in the name of a cocktail;This cocktail must be "above", so it is a suitable drink option for today's puzzle

53. Mind:Handle.

54. Qualification results:judgement.Otra Sportstraße.Time testsThey are a popular way to "select" the cars that are executed, for example, in the Indy 500

57. Rest:IN PEACE.

64. TRAE:RoughIt is easy to see that the word "gross" is used in a non -repealer meaning!

65. "You can guess the rest":ETC.According to Wikipedia dot com: "etc., abbreviated etc. etc., etc., etc., a Latin expression that is used in English as" and other similar things ", or so" and so "to" literally translated from Latin meansEt "and" while Cētera "means the rest".Therefore the expression translates into "and the rest" ""

66. Save:Comer.

67. Keystone Bumbler:Kop.A poetic license here?The normal spelling of this group of Bumbler isKeystone Cups.I HAVE TO ASK) would fit

69. Monumental:EPOS.

1. "¡Geaux Tigers!" Sch .:LSUA "overturned" for President Moe because my daughter is a student of the LSU.This is also an OSC tooBig Easy y hahtoolah, but there could miss another corner that comes from Louisiana.His legendary combat:

2. The highest point of a trip to Europe?:BERG.Bernnerve that many of today's 3 -more letters dare to have it ingenious and/or more difficulties

3. YouTube clip to shorten:A.

4. Mine, in Montreal:Amoi.Frawnch

6. Many graphics of the election night to shorten:US card.This card probably appeared at some point in the 2020 elections.

Friday, June 10, 2022, Billy Bratton/edited by Patti Varol and Christina Iiverson (10)

7. Direct:Direct.

8. Salmon -Configuration:PST.

I eat:KIEFER.Yak (as written) could also mean the animal, but I could only think about the meaning in the picture below as soon as I got PJs for 8-ACROSS

Friday, June 10, 2022, Billy Bratton/edited by Patti Varol and Christina Iiverson (11)

10. SoBriefWhat did bloggers do in contact?

11. Pipe cleaner:waterfalland 12 switched on.Internet Expraño:RandoWatch yourself, what are the two words or what you mean.Do you know more that both words use exactly the same letters?And if someone helps me to define what a "rimo" is, feel free when you feel free

13. Field marshal maneuver:Sneaky.3 Tracks related to sport today?Patti, did you know what the CC blogger would be today?

15. The fourteen from Colorado, for example: abbr.MTSThe entrance would be obvious if you knew what is a "fourteen".In this case inIt refers to the mountains (MT) in Colorado, which has a height of more than 14,000 inches

17. Welcome of the Hana Airport:Aloha.Hana is in Mauis an eastern role and dignitynoBe the Logic Airport Arrival if you are planning to visit Kilauea or Mauna Loa

21. Comparison:LIKES.

Shared deposit compared to cits:
Compare the braids

23. Face cavity:OTHERWISEMisis was less active since they moved into the desert

24. Inadequate:unscramableI hope it is not when it comes to bloggers

25. He observed from the barrier:Sitting.Ports Note #4?I assume this could relate to what a backup or reservation player does because you are organizing yourself in a sports event (bank)

27. links:ABSENCEPast participants: vacation: left;I would also match this track

28. Circles:The courFriday pista for a Monday word

30. Letters in old history:BCE.[From a website that I found on Google] "People ask: BC and BCS are at the same time?"Answer: "You are just another example of the development of the monitoring of human time and mean exactly the same as ad (Anno Domini) and BC (before Christ). In short, ECB (before the common era) is a secular version Debc(before Christ). "

34. Understand:He understands it.Ve also works

35. Serbia and Jordanian currency:DirtyThe dinar is also the main currency in six other countries that previously belong to the Ottoman Empire: (from west to east) Algeria, Tunisia, Libya (the above -mentioned Serbia and Jordan), Iraq, Kuwait and Bahrain

36. White with frost:Hoary.

Prostitutes are known
Be cold and indifferent
"The level, Hoary?"

37. Only:SarcasticWas the last Moe-Ku a little sarcastic?

39. Great volume:Our.

40. Cantante Campbell:YOU HAVEHe liked to use state and city names in his song titles;And he always seemed to leave them or approach them."I am a liner of the county ..."

Friday, June 10, 2022, Billy Bratton/edited by Patti Varol and Christina Iiverson (12)

41. Drawing:TIE.Clue N. #5, but who counts?

45. Hopefully two socks:companion.Yes / Yes!This is something really real in our house.And despite the fact that Margaret will check my notes, he cannot refute the fact that some of his socks have no companions!

46. Fuente of Mississippi:ItascaAnother doubt for Moe.The ITosca lake is located in Nord -Minnesota near the city of Park Rapids and is considered the source of the mighty Mississippi.The Mississippi River also runs through Baton Rouge, the home of 1 - Down (LSU) and also the state capital.The length of the river is less than 2,350 miles

From Wikipedia Dot Com: "Lake Ittanca is a small glacier lake of about 1.8 square miles in the region. In the southeast of Clearwater County in the area of the head of the northern center of Minnesota, it is remarkable for as head of the Mississippi River. The Lake Lake. It is located in the iStca State Park. "

Curious fact: When President Moe worked for 3m, he could see this area nearby

47. Language practices:USE.Un cso aYellow cannons¡¡¡¡;^)

48. Geiger/Hadersäng:Petra. Confusion: This was the only indication that I had to search for on Google.All other words seemed to combine when I confirmed this person: [Wikipedia] Petra Haden (born on October 11, 1971) is an American musician and singer.She was a member of this dog, Tito & Tarantula and the dimensionists.I couldn't call her a song when my life depends on it ... maybe someone who makes him hear one to listen

49. Bumpers of the light rail:STORAGE AREA.Here you will find a description of the light tail

50. Slop:INSERTDespite the negative connotation of this route, the Sue rice, the out or the boiled water or milk."

51. Conscious:Hip a.

55. Mobile phone letters:Lte.

56. Apply completely:remedy.

58. Jane Fraser de Citigroup, for example ::Chairman.CcarpetmiXecondÖofficially

59. Super Vision ?:GeistIn contrast to "monitoring";for which I couldn't find a 3 -more letter that fit into this room

61. Set component:Repetition.Another track in connection with sport?A representative (abbreviation for the repetition) refers to one of several movements,

Friday, June 10, 2022, Billy Bratton/edited by Patti Varol and Christina Iiverson (13)

62. Tetra less one:Tri.Tetra: from Greek tetar "Four";Tri: From the Greek tritement 'three' '

63. __ Bunt:Saco.For the soluckers who are not sport (baseball): "There is a hint of victims if a player succeeds in driving a runner (or several runners) with a base with a touch. In this sense, the batter itself sacrifices itself (Giving up an exit) to bring another runner to the score. "

I am not sure whether Billy has offered this track or one of the editors ... but I will be "missing" baseball players, managers, coaches, reporters/transmitter or even fans as a touch of sack the fully "sacrifice"more often.

Ok, friends.Now it is your turn.

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