Can you put regular nail polish under a UV lamp? (2023)

Is it possible to put ordinary nail polish in a UV lamp? Unfortunately, both a UV lamp and an LED lamp will not help ordinary nail polish to dry faster. LED and UV lamps are mainly used for drying artificial nails. Artificial nails are not the same as human nails, so they cannot be cleaned under running water.

The best option is to use the correct UV lamp to dry normal nail polish. These lamps work with special ultraviolet rays that are not visible to the human eye.

These ultraviolet rays are absorbed by the nail bed, where they attack and destroy the oil and bacteria that form nails. Once this is done, the UV rays evaporate leaving the nail dry. They do not leave stains on the nails after the process.

Before starting the UV lamp process, make sure you have a good quality UV lamp and UV curing agent. You don't want to use regular nail polish remover that contains ammonia or chlorine because these substances will damage your nails.

Does nail polish dry under ultraviolet light?

As mentioned above, regular nail polish only dries under UV light, which means a lot of waiting. Usually, nail polish begins to change color under ultraviolet light and does not dry out in this way. After a few washes, the nail polish will start to change color.

Regular nail polish usually only takes 1-2 hours to dry, so if you've used a top coat and base coat on your nails, you should wait at least that long, if not much longer. And it's even worse: if you use UV gel nails, you'll have to wait much longer, because this type of nail takes much longer to dry.

But with artificial nails, it is totally different. All you need is regular nail polish, a UV lamp and you're good to go. With artificial nails, you need to ensure that your artificial nails are pre-treated for the curing times, otherwise you will have trouble curing them under normal conditions (curing times are usually at least 2 weeks apart).

When you go to the nail salon, make sure your nail salon has a UV lamp, or you'll have to wait in line for hours, especially with artificial nails, because nail technicians know how long it takes to cure. . nails.

If you don't have a UV lamp at home or don't want to buy one, the best solution would be to use regular dry nail polish remover. You can find regular, dry nail polish remover at any drugstore or pharmacy.

Can you put regular nail polish under a UV lamp? (1)

Does a UV lamp only work for UV gel nails?

If you want to know "Does a UV lamp only work for UV gel nails?" then this article will answer your question. Whether or not UV nail polish is good enough for you will be determined by the kind of lifestyle you lead and your outlook.

The UV lamp works best for people with normal to good vision who work in medical, electronics, soldering, and other similar jobs where UV light is needed.

It is generally accepted that ultraviolet light can be harmful to people who do not have normal eyesight, so having an ultraviolet lamp with UV gel nail polish is extra protection for these people.

When working outdoors under the UV lamp, it is best to wear a pair of sunglasses or some kind of eye protection such as goggles or a blindfold, because UV rays can be very dangerous.

You will definitely need to wear protective gloves when working with UV lamps and UV gel nails. It is also important to keep the UV lamp or gel nail polish away from your eyes at all times, in case some UV rays accidentally get into your eyes.

UV lamps and UV gel nail polish have been shown to be safe for people to use. However, it is important to note that some UV lamps cause severe cases of burns and blindness. If you don't want to burn yourself or, even worse, go blind, don't use UV lamps or UV gel nail polish. Your safety must always come first.

How long does it take for regular nail polish to dry under ultraviolet light?

There are many different nail polish remover products on the market. Some work, some don't. What you need to understand is that what you are looking for is a product that removes nail polish safely and without causing damage under a UV lamp.

So how long does it take for regular nail polish to dry under UV light? This is something to know if you are considering purchasing any type of UV nail polish remover. If you find a product that claims to do the job in minutes, ask yourself if it's really worth the cost.

When purchasing your UV nail polish remover, be sure to ask the seller to show you a test tube first. Most retailers will not show a tube unless it has been extensively tested by another customer and must pass quality control testing.

Make sure the test tube is marked "paid in full". When purchasing a UV nail polish remover, test it on a small area of ​​skin first and use a cotton swab to apply it to the nail.

It may take several applications before you notice any results. Don't expect a dramatic change in the color or texture of your nail; it will simply disappear over time.

Why won't my nail polish dry under ultraviolet light?

Why won't my nail polish dry under ultraviolet light? It is not uncommon for ordinary nail polish to dry under ultraviolet light. However, not all types of nail polish can or should dry under ultraviolet light. Here's a quick rundown of the different types of nail polish that can have different drying properties under a UV lamp.

Most UV lamps are made to work only with standard nail polish colors – opaque or clear. Some UV lamps are also made specifically for gel manicures and will work with gel manicures. If you want to apply a colored UV lamp to your regular nail polish, you will need to use a manicure gel lamp.

If you want your regular nail polish to dry under UV light, you'll need to use a regular nail lamp or a UV gel lamp.

Paste the nail polishes, do not dry under ultraviolet light, as the glues are cured by UV curing method. UV curing is the most common technique used by nail technicians to ensure the glues dry as quickly as possible, so clients can get their manicures done as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible cost.

This is the cheapest way to get a manicure and pedicure and it ensures your nails look like new. However, UV curing does not cure acrylics under nails; these are called hardeners, and hardeners are not affected by ultraviolet light.

That way, whenever you harden the nail polish, you'll have your nails as smooth and shiny as they were before the manicure, only now, under UV light, they look even better.

Can you put regular nail polish under a UV lamp? (2)

Can you put regular nail polish under a UV lamp?

Can you put regular nail polish on UV gel nails under a UV lamp? That's what many salon technicians would like to tell you, but it's simply not true.

You really don't need a UV lamp to speed up drying times or make your manicure last longer. And even if it were, UV gel nails wouldn't look as nice as they did when they were new.

One of the reasons regular nail polish doesn't dry quickly under a UV lamp is because UV gel nails are already brittle.

The reason these types of nail polish need to dry is because they are filled with a special acrylic solution that slows down the evaporation process so that the solution can slowly evaporate from the nails without too much heat or trauma.

Unfortunately, neither a UV lamp nor an artificial UV lamp can help dry normal nail polish quickly. The acrylic solution dries very slowly under the right conditions, which means it doesn't need to be applied to the nails under a UV lamp. That's why many nail artists now use artificial UV lamps to speed up drying time.


benefits of manicure

benefits of manicure

By applying UV curing time for two minutes, you can get better and faster results. However, after two minutes, it is better to wait until the next day to apply the artificial ultraviolet lamp. Otherwise, the artificial UV curing time will be too much for your nails. As such, it is best to apply the UV lamp for two minutes and wait until the next day to apply another UV curing time.

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