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If you can relate to these quotes, please read as wellif you don't have time for meQuotes to put your feelings into words.

Best Don't Waste My Time Quotes

  1. "Anything but extraordinary is a waste of time." – Ione Skye

  2. "Time is what we love most, but what we use worst." —William Penn

  3. "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." -Steve Jobs

  4. "If you love life, don't waste time because time is what life is made of." –Bruce Lee

  5. "Don't waste my time, I'm not stupid and I'm not gullible." – Laura Schlessinger

  6. "Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice." -Steve Jobs

  7. "I'm not going to waste your time, so I wouldn't expect you to waste mine either." – Terrell Owens

  8. "I'm here to change the world, and if I'm not, I'm probably wasting my time." —Utah Phillips

  9. "It bothers me when people waste my money. But my time? I can't get that back Respect me and don't waste my time."

  10. "I don't waste time being soft. I'm not cold but I don't like wasting time saying life is too short. -Anthony Hopkins

Famous quotes from Don't Waste My Time

Time is very precious, so we have to make the most of every day. We must use our time effectively because it is too valuable to waste. Wasting time is wasting life, so prioritize and make the most of each day.

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It is important to understand the importance of spending time in the present moment instead of regretting later on wasting your precious time. So the best thing to do is to stop wasting your time and start working on your ownTore.

  1. "I didn't waste my time doing things I didn't love." —Patty Smith
  2. "If I'm not wasting time, I'm wasting time." -James Richardson

  3. "Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition." -Steve Jobs

  4. "Don't waste your time with those who don't treat you well." - Unknown

  5. "Don't waste any more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius

  6. "Time is life. Anyone who wastes my time kills me. Please do not. - Phyllis Chesler

  7. “I play the real instruments. I don't waste my time on anything else." - Jason notified

  8. "What's going to happen is going to happen and I won't waste time worrying." – Christopher Paolini

  9. "No claims, stop wasting my time. A virtuous woman is really hard to find." – Buju Banton

  10. "Don't waste your time trying to get inside my head. There is nothing there. — William Shatner

  11. "I don't waste so much time at work because I prefer to spend it with my kids." -Cindy Crawford

  12. "If someone has no talent, get off the stage! You're wasting my time. - Elaine Stitch

  13. "Don't waste time explaining: people only hear what they want to hear." - Paulo Coelho

  14. "Don't get caught up in dogmas of living with the results of other people's thinking." -Steve Jobs

  15. "I don't waste time doing crosswords because my life is the only puzzle I want to solve!" – Latif Market

  16. "I don't think about the past. The only thing that matters is the eternal present.” –W. Somerset Maughan

  17. "I don't want lies, I don't watch TV. I'm not wasting my time, I'm not going to read a magazine." -Madonna Ciccone

  18. "I don't have to fiddle with the computer just because I'm a computer scientist." – Edsger Dijkstra

  19. "The best thing you can give me is your time. The easiest way to make me angry is to waste my time." - Lorene Seafaris

  20. "I don't want to spend my whole life drawing talking heads. Seems like a waste of everyone's time." -Bryan Lee O'Malley

  21. "Time is one of the most precious commodities and how you spend it determines what your life will be like." –David Khalil

  22. “The key question we must continue to ask is: Are you spending your time on the right things? Because time is all you have. -Randy Pausch

  23. "Spend my gas, I'll fill up. Spend my money, I'll work. Waste my food, I'm going shopping. But don't waste my time, I can't get it back.

  24. "I used to obsess over my body, but it's a waste of time. I don't believe in diets. Drink four pints one night, be sane the next." —Sophie Ellis-Bextor

  25. My advice: don't waste so much time. What I'm looking for is a masterpiece. I don't want to waste my time. I'm tired of experiments. – Natalia Makarova

  26. "My advice: Don't spend so much time worrying about your skin or your weight. Develop what you do, what you put in the hands of the world.” – Meryl Streep

  27. "If I only did one thing at a time, I would think I was wasting my time. For example, if I only wrote novels, I would feel like a charlatan and a fraud." -Peter Ackroyd

  28. “People go through four stages before any revolutionary development: 1. It's silly, don't waste my time. 2. It's interesting, but not important. 3. I've always said it's a good idea. 4. I thought about it first.” — Arthur C. Clarke

  29. "Don't let the calendar fool you. There are only as many days in the year as you use them. A man only gets one week in a year while another man gets a whole year week." -Anthony Charles Richards

  30. "As for family values, they are whatever they are: some families stick together, others melt like dandelions. A core value in Minnesota remains: Don't waste my time, no B.S. Me, I wasn't born yesterday." - Garrison Keillor

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You have to be very conscious of how you use your time because time is one of the most valuable commodities. Remember that killing time or wasting time can be the biggest mistake of our lives. Wasting time is a common problem.

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In order to better balance work and personal life, it is important to take control of your time and better manage your hours and days.

  1. "Be honest with me or leave me alone."
  2. "I'm going out with you to get married, so don't waste time."

  3. "I'm not afraid of commitments, I'm afraid of wasting time."

  4. "Don't disturb her soul...if you don't want it to do her good."

  5. "If you're not serious about me, stop wasting my time."

  6. "If you don't want something real, don't waste my time." - Unknown

  7. "Never give someone twice the chance to waste your time." - Unknown

  8. "I don't want to waste time if I can't be by your side." - Unknown

  9. "I'm sorry but I won't waste any more time with you, I deserve much better."

  10. "Don't waste your time with people who won't give you a second of theirs."

  11. "Don't waste your time with the wrong person. Just keep going." - Unknown

  12. "I'm not going to be part-time, free time, free time, or someone's sometimes. So don't waste my time

  13. "If I give you my time, I'm giving you a part of my life I'll never get back. So don't waste it.

  14. “Women want consistency in a man. He is not a man who is indecisive. Please do him a favor and don't waste his time."

  15. "Please don't waste my time. If you're real, be a part of my life, if you're not, don't even step a foot in the door." - Unknown

time managementtips& Strategies and How to Stop Wasting Time is a very useful way for students, kids and everyone to value time and use it effectively.

Let us know which of these motivational quotes about wasting time inspired you to manage your time well. If you want these quotes to be a waste of time and not a waste of my time, start using your time effectively.

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