21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (2023)

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (1)

There is only one thing to remember when texting girls:

Always send text messages with a specific purpose — to set up a date.

Sounds easy right?

Not so fast.

Because there will never be a date if you keep making one of these 21 mistakes.

BONUS:If she doesn't answerDiscover the exact lyricsYou need to get text messages from her on a date in our next article.

Watch my video or read on to learn 21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make When Texting Girls So You Can Stop Burning Numbers and Start Getting Dates!

And leave it at that, because even if you've already made several of these mistakes, I'll give you the solutions to undo them all.

Doesn't she write back? Has she suddenly become distant and cold? Does she make up excuses not to meet you on a date? Did she put you in the friend zone?

NO PROBLEM! After reading the 21 mistakes I will give you the solutions…

Mistake #1: Living by the 3-day rule

The 3-day rule doesn't make sense, according to our research on dating metrics89% of women want to be contacted for the first time within 48 hours.

So don't wait until the next dayTexting to a girl, or the next day. Text her as soon as you get her number - within fifteen minutes of meeting her is fine. Better yet, text her when you're right in front of her.

Since using this rule, I've never gotten those "first text blues" again, and neither will you if you follow this rule!

Plus, this way she'll remember you right away the next time her number comes up when she's fresh in her memory!

She will also feel more comfortable if you text her because you already started texting her when you were dating her.

This takes away her anxiety about texting you the next day and means it's much easier for you to start building comfort.

"Hey, it was nice to meet you. let's talk soon (Your Name)."

#2 What's your name again?

If she doesn't type her name in the first text, she might think you forgot. Also use words like “beautiful”, “beautiful”, etc.

You might think you're complimenting her, but she'll just think you call all girls "beautiful" or "wonderful."

If you gave her a nickname when you first met her, that's fine, but only use nicknames if it's already an inside joke between the two of you, otherwise it will seem like you totally have her forget.

#3 Responding to text messages too quickly

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (2)

Dude...don't get too eager to text back. Some guys freak out when they wait for their phone and wait for her to answer, and when she does, they run off to pick it up and reply with something lame and incoherent.

If you want her to think you're a hopeless loser who has nothing else to do on a daily basis, has no social life and whose world revolves around her, then go ahead, text her back right away, anything sometimes.

But if you wantlet them want youand respect you more, never react too quickly. Aim to text consistently within 10 or 15 minutes, and occasionally mix it up up to an hour or more later.

If you're in the office and she texts you in the early afternoon, wait until you're done with work. She will respect the fact that you have priorities. Love Panky talked more aboutchoose the right time to write to her here.

Don't be too predictable. Keep her busy. Make them think, "Why didn't he text me back?"

This has to be done to some extent because there is another side to taking too long to reply each time...

It's NOT cool to keep a girl waiting for more than six hours let alone a day or two. It's just not nice and she'll think you don't care if you don't come back by the next day.

If you answer her a day later, don't be surprisedshe does not answerbecause you just don't deserve it. She's probably over you already.

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (3)

#4 Fix the issue

It's okay to continue an ongoing joke you had when you first met her, but if you dwell on the same joke for too long, it will become stale.

Be sure to change the subject, and when the joke is over, don't go back to it unless you have something better to say.

#5 Once upon a time there was a fun time

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (4)
It doesn't matter how insanely funny you were when you first met her because she will forget all those positive emotions once you stop keeping the mood.

Even if the impression you made on her wastough, it's important that you show her that you're not just a one-trick pony and keep the fun alive.

So no meaningless texts like "how are you", "how are you" and "hi" that will add nothing valuable to their image of you.

Recall,Hot girls get dozens of messages every weekfrom guys like you.

If youdon't get up, you will blend in.

Be direct and clear with your intention.

#6 Playing the encounter card too soon

Trying to arrange a date before a girl is looking forward to seeing you again is a fatal mistake countless men make over and over again.

If you haven't aroused enough emotions, she will most likely reject you.

And sothe first messages you send a girlare important in building her excitement to the point where she looks forward to you proposing a date.

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (5)

Anything leading up to the date should show value, add to their comfort level, and their excitement at meeting them.

#7 Mr. Inappropriate

Okay, so you've been to the gym, had a great workout, and you think she'd like a torn photo of you shirtless. think again

If you haven't built enough attraction yet, the topless photos will terrify you.

Never send revealing photos unless she specifically asked for them or if you are having sex because just sending them out of the blue will seem needy and it will betotally inappropriate.

It also shows that you are a low-value man, because a high-value man would never disseminate revealing photos of his body without first conquering them.

Also force a reaction and what do you really expect her to say? "OMG you're so hot I want to fuck your brains out now baby what's your address?!"

If you really want to send photos that will put a smile on her face, send photos of adorable furry animals. She will appreciate them much more 🙂

#8 Sloppy Joes

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (6)
“I had a gr8 time last night. Hope you made 2"

In what world is "gr8" acceptable? Do you think that kind of language turns girls on?

If you use text slang, bad grammar, or are just too lazy to double-check your messages before sending them, you've probably screwed up already.

Read your texts before sending them and don't use slang. Just no.

Note: LOL and WTF are okay to an extent, but try to avoid them in the first few messages so you can test if she enjoys using them. If she uses LOL cool use it.

#9 Bad reflexes

If she sends 4 messages a day, send 4 messages or fewer.
If she never swears or uses slang, never answer.
If she sends you a long message, reply with a long reply.

Try imagining your phone as a mirror. No girl wants to look in the mirror and see a witch looking back, so don't reflect badly on her by sending 6 messages back when she only sends 3, or reply to a 20 character sentence with a 200 character -Monologue.

YourInvestment level must be equal to or less than them, so match her text style and reply in tune with her.

#10 Friend-Zoning

If you blend in, you become zone friendly.

To theavoid entering the friend zone at all costs, avoid idle chatting like the plague.

Tease her, tease her, engage her in inside jokes so that the feelings of fun and attraction she felt for you when you first met are not only maintained, but amplified, so that your messages make their eyes light up instead of numbing their day with the burden of having to text you back.

There are no excuses for falling into the friend zone, and even if you think it's impossible to reply to some of her messages with anything other than a friend-to-friend reply, you're wrong.

She asks you, "How's your day going?" You may think the only possible answer you can give is, "Fine, how's yours," but instead, this is the perfect opportunity to tease her, "It's definitely way better than yours!" . That way, she'll likely respond by saying, "Nah, my kind, way better than yours," and from there you can move on to a much more playful frame.

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (7)

#11 Too cool for school

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (8)


Sure, it's nice to be nice, but if you're too nice, you'll turn her off. The?!

You are notRyan Gosling, They are they.

Don't try too hardbehaves distantly and indifferentlythe whole time.

If you don't show emotion, she will think that you are not interested in her.

# 12 Schmeichelei

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (9)
It's no secret that women love compliments, but too many compliments, especially if given too soon, will make her think you're insincere, desperate, an inferior guy, and end up wanting to get in her panties. .

#13 The interrogator

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (10)


There's a common misconception that since women like to talk about themselves, it's a good idea to ask lots of questions. That's wrong.

Nobody wants to be bombarded with questions, especially funny ones like "Do you always go to this club?" or "Why did you decide to study philosophy?".

Think about it. If you received a message from someone you don't know very well asking why they chose to become a lawyer, would you be really motivated to reply?

Best tip:Instead of asking questions, make affirmations with a picture: "mmmmm, I love cats in bread"

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (11)

#14 Dear Diary,

7:30 a.m.: "Tomorrow (girl's name) X"
9:05 a.m.: “I just arrived at the office. 5 minutes late. I hope my boss didn't notice lol.”
12:00: "Lunch break YAY! What do they have for lunch? I think I'll pret :)”
6pm: "Finished work, go have a drink with some friends. I wish you were here :)"
9pm: "I'm back home, did you have a good day?"

How annoying is that? Seriously...if you think updating a girl on her day is cool, look at it from her perspective.

What the above shows is a lack and wefound that neediness is one of the biggest attraction killerswhen we interviewed 100 single women. It's also a bit psychotic...

Even if she does reply to any of these types of messages, she's only doing so as a courtesy before issuing a restraining order against you!

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (12)

#15 The Wanderer

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (13)
There is a time and a place for textual debauchery.

Your close friends might enjoy the occasional monologue, but with a girl you haven't dated, they'll just make her think you're struggling and needy.

No one wants to wade through dozens of words to get to a point that could have been conveyed in just a few.

Remember, girls are looking for what you break down in your texts, not what you actually say.

Always try to keep your texts as short and sweet as possible. As a rule of thumb, try to limit your texts to the maximum length of a tweet (150 characters).

Make the date as early as possible because the more you text her, the more likely it is that she will change her mind or something will happen that will stop her, for example. she knows someone else.

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (14)

#16 Force a date

If a girl says she's busy, respect her. If she says she's not free until next week then wait, don't reply by saying something stupid like "Too bad I was really hoping to see you before the weekend :("

Don't be needy - Forget it, change the subject and the night you were supposed to go on the night of the canceled date, text her: "Sorry you couldn't come tonight, Natalie would love to hang out with you."

You don't blame her, you just show her that you have other options, you can have fun without her and have other women in your life.

#17 Pre-date tremors

Insecure, inferior men will nervously ask if a girl is still coming on a date, "Hey, can you still come over tonight?"

Between the days you've set a date, don't write questions, just share a funny story for comfort, maybe a funny picture. Just make her laugh and don't expect anything more than a chuckle behind her back. She will think you are a nice guy.

Valuable guys will nudge girls about meeting up: "Hey problem, did we say we'll meet up at 7 or 8 tonight? 8 works best for me.”

#18 Guilt triggers

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (15)
Making a girl feel guilty about texting = psycho behavior


  • Blaming a woman for something she doesn't do, e.g. "why are you avoiding me?"
  • For example, keep texting her to make her feel bad. "I'm a really nice guy, nobody's ever treated me like that."
  • Stop texting a girl just because she didn't get a date this week.
  • If she and you frequently append an "X" to the end of messages, don't remove it to punish her.

To learn more about guilt and psychotic behavior in general, Marie Claire shared a few moreSMS error here.

#19 Texting when you're drunk

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (16)

Text do not drink!

Drunk messages never go down well, especially when rudely woken up at 2am.

If you're worried about losing control and starting texting a girl you like, give your phone to a friend or turn it off.

#20 Talk dirty all the time

Sim,Sometimes girls like to talk dirty, especially Bond girls 😉, but talking dirty all the time will make her think you want to cum in her panties.

Inappropriate comments should be avoided, and it's especially important not to start dirty talk if you feel the girl doesn't approve.

#21 Being the indecisive gentleman

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (17)
Does that sound familiar to you? - You text a girl saying, "We're going to Mexico on Friday night. Is 7pm good for you? She replies with a simple "ok" but didn't include her usual smiley face in the text.

After receiving this message, many men will look at her and think that she doesn't seem very interested in Mexican, and so afraid that she will pass out, he will hastily reply and say "...or could we go somewhere else." go if you like it? How about an Indian? or maybe they say, “Or we could make Thai food. You decide".

Being indecisive is a major dislike for girls. Once you start doubting yourself, she starts doubting you and you actually increase her chances of breaking up.

If you really think she doesn't want Mexican food, instead of asking her if she would like something to eat, tell her that you're going to take her somewhere else, "Shave Mexican food." I forgot about this fun hidden gem I went to the other day. Shall we meet at, say, 7pm on Tottenham Court Road?

So if these are the errors, what is the solution?

The first step is to understand where you may have slipped. And if you've made any of the 21 mistakes above, chances are she'll be a little frustrated with you...

Because the longer it takes you to get her out, the more she'll find reasons not worth hitting.

Women expect things to happen FAST when the chemistry is right. They expect to be "raptured."

Since the time window is closing FAST and you don't have much time to change everything, I'll let you knowThe exact lyricsAs a result, she will text, call and hang up on a date in record time...

  • Doesn't she write back?NO PROBLEM!
  • Not sure how to ask her?NO PROBLEM!
  • Does she turn down your date invites?NO PROBLEM!
  • Do you think you're entering the friend zone?NO PROBLEM!
  • Are you struggling with knowing how to tease her?NO PROBLEM!

noNext pageYou will discover five simple messages that will solve all these problems in minutes!

In a matter of minutes... you can be sending impactful text messages that will set you apart from all the other guys texting her and getting her to come after you.

ÖNext pagegives you the solutions for…

  • Check their messages
  • Awaken her sexual side
  • Increase their desire to see you
  • Invite her out on a date

Even if you think you've already screwed up with a girl you boss around, huhNext pagewill help you change things.

Click on the image below to go to the next page - Step Two - The Solution:

21 Shocking Mistakes Men Make (18)

wrap it

The tips in this post will help you identify what you're doing wrong so you don't repeat the same mistakes.

See my follow-up article for more advice on textingHow to text a girl without making her lose interest and get a date.

The most criminal mistakes are definitely texting drunk girls, blaming them and forcing them on a date. Make sure you avoid them at all costs!

Be sure to bookmark this post for the future and share it with your friends if you think they are guilty of any of the above situations.

So girls and boys, what other horrible mistakes do guys make when texting girls? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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