15 Most Memorable Lip Syncs In The History Of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' (2023)

some people lookdrag racefor fashion, some look for the jokes and some for the dark drama. But no matter what you're tuning into, the lip syncing at the end of each episode is always the best part. For many queens, performance isn't just her passion; It's also the most lucrative element of their job, so it's no surprise that even if they're having a rough week, the queens will come to life in a lip sync. After being on the air for over a decade,drag racegave fans tons of iconic voice acting, but thethe majoritymemorable lip syncs inRuPaul's Drag Racetheir story has something extra, something that takes them to the next level.

With 13 seasons and sixAll the starsseasons under your dazzled belt,RuPaul's Drag Raceweathertook over the meme culture on social media,inspired bold new fashion trendsand facilitated importantconversations about gender identity and expression🇧🇷 However, the heart of the show is the lip sync battles, during which the queens fight for their lives incorporating different songs. There is no one way to give an iconic lip sync. Some queens will impress fans by doing wild gymnastics, while others will wow viewers by focusing on the emotion and soul behind the lyrics.

while eachdrag racefan has their own take on which lip sync really is the best of the best, these 15 are definitely standouts:

15. Latrice Royale vs. Kenya Michaels: “Natural Woman”

Latrice Royale proved that you don't have to dance across the stage to deliver an iconic lip sync. As Kenya Michaels spun around her, Latrice channeled Aretha Franklin's spirit without having to move an inch. Plus, the pregnancy-themed catwalk helped take the excitement to another level. Nearly a decade later, Latrice's powerful lip-syncing remains one of the world's most moving performances.drag racescenery.

14. Peppermint vs. Cynthia Lee Fontaine: “Música”

Peppermint gave new meaning to the term lip sync killer when she went up against Cynthia Lee Fontaine for Madonna's "Music." The New York City legend went all out—old-school dance moves, earring-eating, robot-doing—it all culminated in her blasting her competition with an imaginary shotgun perfectly in time. Paramedics! There's been a murder on the dance floor.

13. Manila Luzon vs. Delta Work: “Parque MacArthur”

Manila Luzon is best known for her over-the-top take on fashion, but she proved she's also an amazing lip-sync performer in Season 3 when she and Delta Work were facing elimination. Manila injected Donna Summer's number with over-the-top melodrama, adding unique flourishes like crossing her eyes and letting her mascara run to really sell it. It really was a performance that felt bigger than the stage, which is what drag is all about.

12. Naomi Smalls contra Gia Gunn: “Adrenalina”

Beforeall stars 4, Naomi Smalls was known more for her supermodel looks than her voice acting, so it was really funny when she delivered what was probably the fiercest voice acting of the season. Gia Gunn definitely held her own in RuPaul's "Adrenaline," but there was no denying that Naomi had just done something iconic on that stage. From gravity-defying turns to effortlessly gliding down the track, Naomi proved she had tricks no one else knew about.

11. Denali x Kahmora Hall: “100% pure love”

It may be recent, but Denali's lip-syncing to "100% Pure Love" is already iconic, with nearly four million views on YouTube.drag racethe official YouTube channel half a year after its launch. Since Kahmora was restricted by her dress, Denali didn't really have to do much to win, instead she used the opportunity to cement herself as season 13's lip-sync killer from the start. Her energetic version of the Crystal Waters house track became an immediate sensation with fans, evenreaching the point of influencing music charts.

10. Roxxxy Andrews Vs. Alyssa Edwards: “Whip My Hair”

It takes a lot to beat Alyssa Edwards in a lip sync, but Roxxxy Andrews has managed to do something only a few queens have ever done: make RuPaul and Michelle Visage truly sigh. in the moderndrag raceera, reveals cost a pretty penny, but in season 5, Roxxxy was the first queen to reveal a second wig under her first. the moment is nowdrag racebasics, taking the show from its origins to its mainstream era.

9. Jujubee x Sahara Davenport: “Black Terciopelo”

The original lip sync killer, Jujubee, was a force to be reckoned with in Season 2, sending home three of his toughest competitors with incredible lip syncs. Most memorable, though, was his first lip sync, in which he captured the raw emotion in Alannah Myles' blues rock anthem "Black Velvet." While Sahara Davenport showcased her talent for dancing, Juju's undeniable victory demonstrated how excitement can trump trickery.

8. Laganja Estranja vs. Trinity K. Bonet: “Physical”

WhenAll the starsthe season added a touch of lip sync killersall stars 5His fans knew they were in for some epic moments, and it happened in a big way when two of the best voice actors fromdrag racehis story confronted inall stars 6🇧🇷 Trinity K. Bonet performed some of the best lip syncs on the show in season 6, but it all ended for her when Laganja Estranja took the stage and pulled every dance trick in the book to Dua Lipa's "Physical" . EITHERlip syncing instantly became iconic in the fandomshortly after its broadcast.

7. Trinity K. Bonet vs. Abril Carrión: "I am all women"

All of Trinity's lip syncs were iconic, but nothing can match the energy of her first stage performance.drag racescenery. She proved that she was a force to be reckoned with by perfectly encapsulating the confident diva attitude of Chaka Khan's “I'm Every Woman,” complete with fan photos and a descent down the stage stairs. April definitely stood her ground, but she couldn't deny Trinity's power.

6. Brooke Lynn Hytes vs. Yvie Oddly: "I'm sorry, I'm not sorry"

The polished pageant queen Brooke Lynn Hytes and the eccentric alternative Yvie Oddly seem diametrically opposed when it comes to aesthetics, but in Season 11, they teamed up to deliver what is arguably the most gymnastic lip sync ever. Filled with cartwheels, headstands, back bends and splits, both Brooke and Yvie rocked that stage with Demi Lovato's “Sorry Not Sorry”. Even more impressive, both queens epitomized their unique styles while also delivering over-the-top tricks, with Brooke nailing her dance moves effortlessly while Yvie added a quirky awkwardness to her moves. No wonder the lip sync ended with a double shantay.

5. Widow Von'Du vs. Gigi Goode: "Starships"

Season 12 is a bit cursed: the coronavirus pandemicruined your endingand one of the queens wasdisqualified without regard- but he sure had the whole debut. In the first episode of it, Widow Von'Du performed an incredible lip sync that even took Nicki Minaj's breath away. As "Starships" played, the Widow contorted her body into painful positions, easily stealing the spotlight from Gigi Goode, who managed to imbue her own brand of quirky lip-syncing.

4. Alyssa Edwards vs. Tatianna: “Cale to mouth and direct”

they will come upon youyou knewthis one came A lots ofdrag racefans consider Alyssa and Tatianna's lip sync inall stars 2be the best ever. Not only did they rock Rihanna's "Shut Up and Drive," but they also sported matching outfits, with Alyssa all black and Tati all white, and similar blonde wigs. To top it all off, the queens wowed everyone by combining various moves as Alyssa and Tatianna spun at the exact same moment in the song before falling to the ground to the same beat. It felt more like a choreographed performance than a battle, which is what made it work so well.

3. Chi Chi DeVayne vs. Thorgy Thor: "And I tell you I won't"

No queen could embody soulful lip syncing quite like Chi Chi DeVayne. The queen of the south delivered one of thedrag raceThorgy Thor's most emotional and chilling lip syncs in season 8, completely lost on Jennifer Holliday's "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going." Chi Chi's lip-syncing continues to be a master class in channeling raw emotions, culminating in an epic moment when the jewels from her dress fall to the floor during the song's climax. Lip syncing took on a new level of excitement afterChi Chi's untimely death in 2020, and now stands as the most inspiring watch for anydrag racefan.

2. Dida Ritz vs. The princess: "That will be (an eternal love)"

The sheer joy and energy that Dida Ritz exuded when performing "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" in front of Natalie Cole herself has never been equaled ondrag racescenery. It took no gimmicks or major reveals to deliver what many fans believe is the greatest lip-syncing performance in the show's history. Sadly, the princess fell victim to Dida's undeniable talent, as it's almost impossible to look at anyone but Dida during this performance.

1. Sasha Velor vs. Shea Couleé: "Tan Exciting"

The revelation that gagged the world and changeddrag raceforever, was there another option for first place besides Sasha's rendition of "So Emotional"? At the end of season 9, Sasha delivered what is arguably the most iconic andtime referred to indrag racehis storyas she removed her wig from her head to reveal dozens of rose petals cascading around her. The live audience was immediately on their feet cheering the unexpected reveal, and the widespread effects of the moment are one of the big things that helped fuel thedrag racein the mainstream. Isn't it amazing what rose petals can do?

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