10 ways to fix Elden Ring multiplayer not working (2023)

So even if you're frustrated that you can't play with your friends, the good thing is that the solution is simple. While you might also be wondering what causes the error and how to fix it, we've got you covered.

What causes the Elden Ring multiplayer not working error?

Many reasons prevent you from joining Elden Ring as a multiplayer player.

Game file mismatches An overheated device, too much cache or RAM Service failure Online Gamer ID disabled on Xbox Missing or defective game files Poor or unstable internet connection on your device Elden Ring has not been updated to the latest version Drivers Outdated video card firmware Outdated firmware Game software is corrupted

Well, among many reasons, it would be hard to know which one applies to you. You can review and implement the solutions.

How to fix Elden Ring multiplayer not working?

Various reasons why your Elden Ring is not working lead to the error message. Depending on the causes, we provide a comprehensive analysis and guide on how to fix the problem. Whether you're playing on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, you'll find solutions for all of them. Below is a list of them:

Method 1: restart the game

Various reasons, many of which are unknown, are responsible for the Elden multiplayer ring not working. Many times the game crashes or similar transient issues occur that trigger the error message. In such a scenario, simply restarting the game will go a long way. While excess device RAM, system overheating, or similar issues are common culprits, the following method will help you resolve the issue.

Method 2: Reboot the device

It doesn't matter if you play Elden Ring on PC, Xbox or PlayStation; A heated device, too much cache or similar problems can always affect the game. So you just need to reboot your device after some time. This also increases the performance of the device and the Internet connection. So if your device is not working optimally or not connecting well to the internet, you will need to reset it. The problem doesn't always have to be on your side. There may also be other reasons. Let's see below!

Method 3: Check the status of the Elden Ring server

Elden Multiplayer Ring not working problem is often caused by an outage or other problems on the server computer. Therefore, the game would not work, resulting in random errors. So you can't fix it, you just have to wait. To check if the problem is on the server side, check the server status on the official Twitter page and on the Reddit subreddit. You can check the official statistics page of the platform. If there were problems on the server side, this would be visible on the statistics web page. However, if you have checked all of these server statuses and there are no issues with them, read more about troubleshooting.

Method 4: Activate Gamer ID on Xbox

If you play Elden Ring Multipayer on your Xbox console, a quick fix has been used for multiple users. All you have to do is activate the online player id in the game. This usually fixes the error. Also, if you are playing it on PC, corrupted files are a problem and the following method will help you.

Method 5 – Repair Game Files

If your PC has corrupted game files then it is obvious that you are facing Elden Multiplayer Ring Not Working problem. To address the same, you need to repair the game files. Here's how to repair game files:

Go to the Steam client and open your library. Go to Ghostwire Tokyo, right-click and choose Properties from the dropdown menu. In another submenu that appears, click Local Files. Now select the options to verify the integrity of the game files again.

Let the process complete and then restart your PC.

The Steam client then verifies the integrity of the game files. It will automatically download and install when it suspects files are missing or corrupted. Now check if the problem is fixed or not.

Method 6: Repair your Internet connection

One of the causes of Elden Ring multiplayer error is poor internet connection. After the device restarts, you can address it. However, if it is weak on the ISP side, you need to fix it first. To do this, make sure that your internet connection is stable or not. Also, run an internet speed test like OOKLA to check if it works optimally. Otherwise, restart your modem or router, or contact your ISP for more information. After fixing the problem, check if the operating system is fixed. If it works fine, an outdated game could also be at fault.

Method 7: Update the game

Elden Ring Multiplayer constantly releases bug patches and press releases for efficient game performance. You may encounter unknown errors if you don't update it in time. How to update Elden Ring on different platforms:

Update Elden Ring on PC

Go to Steam on your PC and search the library. Go to Installed Games and right click on Elden Ring. Choose Properties from the dropdown menu and open the Updates option. Go to Automatic Updates and click the Always keep game up to date checkbox

If there is an update for the game now, the Steam client will install it automatically.

Update Elden Ring on Xbox One

Press the center circular Xbox button on the console and select My games & apps. Go to Elden Ring and navigate to Manage Now, click on Updates

Xbox will now detect available updates and then prompt you to download them if any are available.

Update Elden Ring on PS4

Visit the PS4 game library and go to Elden Ring. Press the option button on the controller to open the menu. Click Check for updates

If PS4 finds updates to Elden Ring, they will appear on your screen. Also, hit the download button to proceed with the upgrade to PS4. Also, if you play Elden Ring on a PC and have a graphics card installed, outdated drivers will cause Elden Ring multiplayer to not work. The next method would be the last rescue in such a situation.

Method 8 – Update the GPU driver

If you are a hardcore PC gamer with specialized hardware, then it is obvious that you would have a graphics card installed. However, it's worth noting that outdated GPU drivers are the most common reason for Elden Ring multiplayer not working on PC. So you would have to update it! Follow the steps below to update the GPU drivers:

Go to the start menu and search for Control Panel; Click on the first search result that appears. Go to Device Manager and go to Graphics Cards. Right-click on your display adapter and select Update Driver from the dropdown menu.

Click Search for drivers automatically.

It will now automatically check for driver updates and you can continue with the installation. These updates are vital as manufacturers often release bug patches on them. It might be that you are a console gamer or even play on a PC but you don't have the GPU installed yet. Therefore, outdated firmware is also responsible for the Elden Ring multiplayer bug.

Method 9: Update the firmware

Whether it's PS4, Xbox or PC, they all require a firmware update. You should constantly update your device software to the latest version to avoid any inconvenience or trouble. Similarly, if these are not updated after a while from Fortson, they will re-throw these errors. To update firmware on different platforms:

Update the operating system on the PC

Press the Win key to open the Start menu and go to Windows Settings. Click Update & Security on the left and navigate to Windows Update.

Click Check for updates

Your system will now search for the latest available firmware of the Windows operating system. You can then click the Download and Install button to continue.

Update the firmware on the Xbox

Press the Xbox button and go to Profile & system In it, open Settings and select System Navigate to Updates & downloads and click on Update console

Xbox would now check for the latest available Xbox firmware. If it finds any, you will be prompted to install it.

Update firmware on PS4

Open Settings and go to System Software Update. Click on the Update option

If the PlayStation console finds firmware, it will download it automatically.

Method 10: Reinstall Elden Ring

If none of the solutions help, then the Elden Ring game on your device will be damaged. It could be due to an installation error, the game is corrupted or something like that. In such a scenario, you need to reinstall it. The size of the game is large, so please think twice before uninstalling it. You will also need to log into your game account again. Once again, you may lose your data. So keep this method as the last option available. Follow the steps below to reinstall Elden Ring on different platforms:

Reinstall Elden Ring on PC

Press the Win key and go to Settings. Go to Apps and select Apps & features. On the right panel, click on Elden Ring and hit the Uninstall button. Now that the uninstall is complete again, visit the game's official website/Steam and download Elden Ring.

Reinstall the Ring of Fire on an Xbox

Press the Xbox button and open My & Apps. Click on the Elden Ring and press the star button on the controller. Choose the Uninstall option from the dropdown menu. Another screen will appear. Click Uninstall All

Allow the console to complete the uninstall process. Later, restart the Xbox and download the game again.

Reinstall Elden Ring on PS4

Go to the game library and navigate to Elden Ring. Press the Options button and click Delete

Now once the uninstall process is complete, restart your PS4. Also, reinstall Elden Ring. Elden Ring multiplayer not working issue is now fixed.

How to fix Elden Ring Co-op not working?

You can restart the game, reboot your gaming controller, check for service outages, fix bad internet connection, and turn off VPN if you use it to fix the error.

The last word

You would have gotten the answer of what causes Elden Ring multiplayer not working and how to fix it. You can restart the game or device, check for service interruptions, and repair game files. You can also activate Gamer ID online if you are an Xbox user. In addition, you also need to fix the bad internet connection or update the game, drivers and GPU firmware or reinstall the game.

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